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In the heart of the Year Thousand that comes after Year Thousand

Men will have at last opened their eyes

They will no longer be locked up inside their heads or in their cities

They will see and hear each other from one point of the earth to another

They will know that whatever strikes one of them hurts the others.


Men will be like a great single body

Of which each of them will be a tiny part

And together they will constitute the heart

And there will be one language which will be spoken by everyone and this is how the great human being will be born.


This prophecy has the beauty of a sunrise after a dark and scary night.

Men will have at last opened their eyes

This little phrase says so much in so few words.  It is the reason for everything that will follow.

John speaks again of television and the Internet, but here Man’s mental attitude has changed:

They will know that whatever strikes one of them hurts the others.

Men will at last realize that they are each a tiny part of the whole human race.  Together, they are a single heart beating.

They will be communicating with each other through a single language.  It seems fairly evident today that English has become the essential language to know.

Some governments are trying to control the Internet because they know that, without censorship, it is becoming impossible to continue to lie to people.  Information will somehow get out to the world, and people will refuse to go on accepting their lies.

This prophecy is so exciting because we can actually see these predictions starting to happen now.

Thirty-second prophecy tomorrow.




When the Year Thousand that comes after Year Thousand begins

Man will have entered into the dark labyrinth

He will be afraid and he will close his eyes for he will no longer want to see

He will be wary of everything and afraid at every step

But still he will be pushed onward for no halt will be allowed him.


Even though the voice of Cassandra will be loud and strong

He will not hear it

For he will want to possess more and more and his head will be lost in mirages

Those who govern him will deceive him

And there will be only bad shepherds.


In this prophecy, John gives us a last disturbing picture of our life today.  He tells us that we have entered a dark labyrinth and are afraid, but that we just close our eyes and keep rushing forward.

Our lives do not allow us to stop and reflect on which direction we should be taking.  As individuals, we have stopped thinking.  We go where we are pushed, and we are continually being pushed.

According to the Iliad, Homer’s epic work about the Trojan wars, Cassandra was the daughter of Priam, the last king of Troy, and of Hecuba, his wife.  Hector and Paris were two of her brothers.  She was a priestess of Athena, Greek goddess of Thought, the Arts, the Sciences and of Industry, for whom Athens was named.

Cassandra was desired by Apollo, god of Beauty, Light, Prophecy and the Arts, who gave her the gift of prophecy.  She refused his advances and, although he couldn’t take back his gift, he modified it so that, even though she was accurately predicting the future, no-one ever believed her.

Kidnapped from the temple of Athena by Ajax, the Locrian King’s son, she warned the Greeks that, if they attacked Troy, it would end in disaster.  No-one listened to her, the attack went ahead, and the subsequent wars dragged on for years, killing off the cream of Greek and Trojan young men.  A few natural disasters also contributed to the catastrophe.  (If anyone is interested, Athena punished Ajax for kidnapping her priestess, by having him drown in a shipwreck.)

By evoking Cassandra, John is reminding us that, even though there are people warning us about the disastrous road we are travelling, we don’t believe them.  He tells us that we want more and more possessions, and that we are caught up in artificially created, or modified, images.

He tells us that our politicians are lying to us and that we are not being properly guided.

We are now starting the tenth year of this millenium, and already we can see some signs that things are beginning to change.  Even a few of our politicians are starting to show some signs of more responsible behaviour.

Tomorrow we will start on John’s ten predictions for our future.  Unlike other prophets, Biblical or otherwise, John refuses the theme of the end of the world.  He is totally optimistic.

After these last thirty days of doom and gloom, join me tomorrow to watch the Light starting to spread over the Earth.



When the Year Thousand that comes after Year Thousand begins

A multitude of men will be excluded from human life

They will have neither rights, nor roof, nor bread,

They will be naked and will have only their bodies to sell

They will be pushed far away from the opulent towers of Babel.


They will swarm like a remorse and a menace

They will occupy entire regions and will proliferate

They will listen to the preachings of vengeance

And they will launch an attack on the proud towers

The time of barbaric invasions will have come.


Here, John speaks of the very poor and of their miserable existence beside the rich in their high towers.

In the countries of the Third World, the poor flock to the cities in the hope of sharing in the newly developing wealth.  A lot of them live in slums on the outskirts of these cities.  Some are reduced to foraging for whatever they can find in the tons of rubbish thrown out every day by the luxuriously rich.

These people are easy prey for pimps and drug runners.  They are also easy prey for those who preach vengeance.

On 11 September 2001, some of them launched “an attack on the proud towers”.

Thirtieth prophecy tomorrow.



When the Year Thousand that comes after Year Thousand begins

Whole regions will be prey to war

Beyond the Roman limes and even on the former territory of the Empire, men of same cities will cut each others throats

Here it will be war between tribes and there between religious believers.


The Jews and the children of Allah will unendingly oppose each other

And the land of Christ will be their battlefield

But the infidels will want to defend the purety of their faith everywhere

And opposite them will be only doubt and power

Then death will advance everywhere like the flag of the new times.


John is back on the theme of war.  Whole regions of the Earth have become war zones because they possess things that rich countries want, like oil.

The word limes (pronounced “lee-mez”) is only used by historians and archaeologists today.  It also pops up in the occasional historical film or book.  It is used so little that my Oxford dictionary (fairly limited in size) has done away with it.  Therefore, we shall have to make do with my translation from the Petit Larousse 1991:  “(latin word with a sense of frontier)  Historical.  Under the Roman Empire, zone of fortifications more or less continual bordering certain frontiers having no natural defences”.

The Romans were considered to have brought “civilization” to the territories which they conquered.  Anyone living “beyond the Roman limes” was necessarily “uncivilized” and “barbaric”.  However, John points out that even in places supposedly civilized by former Roman occupation, people are now acting like barbarians.  There are civil wars between ethnic groups as well as between people of different religions.

In the second part of the prophecy, John tells of the war in Palestine between Arabs and Jews.  He says that religious fervour animates these non-Christians, and that the rest of the world has only doubt and military strength to contribute to the situation, which of course are of little help in resolving the problem.

Then death will advance everywhere like the flag of the new times

Twenty-ninth prophecy tomorrow. 



When the Year Thousand that comes after Year Thousand begins

Man will think that he is God when he will be nothing more than a baby

He will hit out, always overcome by anger and jealousy,

But he will be armed with the power that he has taken

And blind Prometheus he will be able to destroy everything around him.


He will remain a dwarf of the soul and he will have the strength of a giant

He will take enormous strides forward but he will not know which road to take

His head will be heavy with knowledge

But he will not know why he lives and dies

He will be like the fire always gesticulating or the child who whimpers.


This prophecy tells us that while we think ourselves to be so clever and in control of everything around us, we are unable to control ourselves.  We act like little children who “hit out, always overcome by anger or jealousy”.

The problem is that we have now created powerful weapons of mass destruction, so when we throw a tantrum and “hit out”, we destroy hundreds of thousands of people and harm the Earth at the same time.  It is easy to kill people from 4,000 metres of altitude;  you don’t see people, you see only a “target”, and even that is often just a shape on a screen, a virtual world.

As a species, we have given ourselves great technological power, but our spirituality has not developed at the same rate.  The seed is still there but it is neglected.

So, while we have all of this technology at our fingertips, we don’t know what to do with our lives.  We have all this knowledge but we don’t understand the purpose of our life and death.

We go from being drunk with our own power, to sinking to the depths of depression, because we have forgotten why we are here.  We have become very dangerous, both to ourselves and to the Earth.

Twenty-eighth prophecy tomorrow.



When the Year Thousand that comes after Year Thousand begins

You must be afraid for the child of man

Poison and despair will lie in wait for him

He will be desired only selfishly and not for his own sake or for the world

He will be tracked down for sexual pleasure and sometimes his body will be sold.


But even the one being protected by his family

Will be in danger of having a dead mind

He will live inside games and mirages

Which will guide him because there will be no more educators

No-one will have taught him to hope and how to act.


John returns here to the subject of children left to themselves by absentee parents.  With no education within a family framework, many will turn to drugs of one kind or another, including sex.

John shows us that the reason for our neglect of our children is that they have become some sort of “must have” acquisition, or an element of our own personal development, instead of being wanted for themselves or as a contribution to the world.

Considered from this selfish point of view, our children easily become simple objects of pleasure for sexual predators, who seek them out and train them for this role, while their parents are off doing other things for their own “personal development”.  Some parents even go so far as to sell their own children as sex objects.

John goes on to warn us that, even if parents are there for their children and protect them from outside dangers, they often dump them in front of the television, or give them video games to occupy them and keep them quiet.  From a very early age, children start living in virtual worlds of images and sounds, which are becoming more and more realistic and more and more violent.  Even spectator sports have become an excuse for violent confrontations among supporters of different teams.

Coupled with the total breakdown of our education system, this immersion in virtual worlds is almost the only guide to life to which our children have access.  This, plus the current social chaos, is all that they have to mould their values and social behaviour.

Twenty-seventh prophecy tomorrow.



When the Year Thousand that comes after Year Thousand begins

The animals which Noah had embarked on his Ark

Will be no more in Man’s hands

Than beasts transformed according to his will

And who will worry about their lifetime of suffering?


Man will have made each species into what he wanted

And he will have destroyed numerous ones

What will the man have become who will have changed the laws of life

Who will have made the living animal a piece of clay

Will he be the equal of God or the child of the Devil?


For thousands of years we have been transforming our domestic animals.  We have now reached the point where we no longer see our animals as anything more than meat or milk on the hoof.

This has resulted in some “food” species, like pigs and chickens, spending their entire lives locked up in tiny spaces where they can barely move.

We are also introducing human genes into pigs, so that they can grow us “spare parts”, and spiders have now been co-opted for the industrial production of their silk in goat’s milk.

While we have been doing all this, we have managed to wipe out an enormous quantity of other species, either because we wanted their habitat, or because they killed the occasional animal “belonging” to us for food.

Our pollution of the Earth’s air, soil and water has rapidly helped things along too, not to mention over-intensive fishing or other forms of hunting.

While we are on the subject of fishing, is the torture of fish for the pleasure of the human animal really something we should be promoting as a “wholesome family sport”?  Shouldn’t we be teaching our children a bit more compassion, if empathy is too much to ask?

We are immediately up-in-arms when someone tortures a kitten, but fish don’t seem to matter.  Is it because we can’t hear them screaming?  Is it because they don’t have fur?  Is it because they are just too different from us?  It can’t be because they are food;  we don’t need to torture our food to death.

Have we become “the equal of God or the child of the Devil”?

Twenty-sixth prophecy tomorrow.



When the Year Thousand that comes after Year Thousand begins

Men will know how to make mirages live

The senses will be deceived and they will believe they are touching that which is not

They will follow paths which are seen only by the eyes

And in this way dreams will be able to come alive.


But man will no longer know how to separate

That which is from that which is not

He will be lost inside false labyrinths

Those who will know how to make the mirages live

Will take advantage of the naive man by deceiving him

And a lot of men will become grovelling dogs.


Here, John has trouble putting into words our modern technology of image manipulation.  He gives a recognizable description of Wii:  “The senses will be deceived and they will believe they are touching that which is not”.

They will follow paths which are seen only by the eyes

This appears to refer to video games, with their virtual worlds and avatars, allowing humans to live a dream life.

And in this way dreams will be able to come alive

Then John warns us that we will not be able to distinguish what is real from what is just imagery.

He will be lost inside false labyrinths

Apart from the virtual worlds, there is also image manipulation in the media.  Even without using synthetic images, the media often practise misinformation, some of it originating from politicians, but not all of it.

Methods of mind manipulation are becoming more and more sophisticated, and are constant.  False images and the resulting irreality created by them, are particularly influencing our children and young people.

Some are even becoming addicted to the imaginary worlds created on-line, and are completely disconnected from the real world.  It is another sort of drug.

Once hooked, it is easy to deceive them into believing whatever those who control the technology want them to believe.  Imagine this power in the hands of politicians.

The breakdown of family life leaves our young without the framework necessary for them to be able to distinguish between what might be allowed them in their virtual world, and what is acceptable behaviour in the real world.

Twenty-fifth prophecy tomorrow.



When the Year Thousand that comes after Year Thousand begins

The sun will burn the earth

The Air will no longer be a veil which protects from the fire

It will be only a curtain with holes

And the burning light will eat away skins and eyes.


The sea will rise like boiling water

Cities and seasides will be covered

And entire continents will disappear

Men will take refuge on the heights

And they will rebuild already forgetting that which has happened.


This prophecy starts by speaking of the holes we have caused in the layer of ozone and of the resulting danger of exposing our skins and eyes to sunlight.  Skin cancers and cataracts are eating “away skins and eyes”.

The second part speaks of rising sea levels and tidal waves.  It tells of the cities, and even continents, which will disappear.

It warns us again of Man refusing to listen to the Earth’s warnings, and building again in the same places where the tsunami have wiped out whole towns.

A lot of small island nations will disappear over the next few decades.  If the waters continue to rise, cities like New York, San Francisco, Melbourne and Sydney will follow them.

Urgent action is needed to slow down, then reverse, global warming, which is causing the ice at the poles to melt, thereby raising sea levels.

Twenty-fourth prophecy tomorrow.



When the Year Thousand that comes after Year Thousand begins

The earth will quake in several places

And the cities will fall down

Everything that will have been built without heeding the wise ones

Will be endangered and destroyed

Mud will submerge towns

And the ground will open under the Palaces.


Man will persist for his pride is his folly

He will not heed the repeated warnings of the earth

But fire will destroy the new Romes

And in the accumulated ruins

The poor and the lawless will loot in spite of the Legions

The abandoned riches.


This is clearly about the earthquakes we have been experiencing over the last few decades.

We were warned by our scientists not to build on or near the Earth’s faults.  We ignored them.

We have built at the foot of volcanoes and all around the Ring of Fire.  Some nations had no choice;  others deliberately ignored the advice of “the wise ones”.

Not only that, even after a disaster, cities and towns are rebuilt on the exact same spot.  We are not listening to “the repeated warnings of the earth”.

Because of this, hundreds of thousands of people have died.  More will follow, until our cities are destroyed.

And in the accumulated ruins

The poor and the lawless will loot in spite of the Legions

The abandoned riches.

Twenty-third prophecy tomorrow.

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