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Michel de Nostre-Dame, known as Nostradamus, painted by his son Cesar.

One of these causes is the one that penetrates the mind and illuminates it with a supernatural light;  the other is that of a person who predicts by founding his affirmations on the doctrine of the stars and prophesies under the effect of the revelation received from God.

Thanks to this inspiration, the prophet is capable of understanding that this divine spirit is injected into him by the Creator by means of a natural suggestion.  Then, he knows that that which he predicts is true, that his prophecies come from Heaven itself and that, like the light and the little flame, they cannot be contested…

But, at this point in my demonstration, I must stop, for I do not want to strain your mind’s capacity.

I have discovered that the world, before the final conflagration, will suffer diluvial inundations following which no land will emerge any more.  These inundations will last so long that, with the exception of those living in the seas and on the mountains, all other beings will perish.

Before and after these events, the rains will be rare in numerous regions;  incandescent stones and balls of fire will fall from the sky and everything will be destroyed by fire.  All of this will occur without warning, before the final conflagration.

Although the planet Mars has to accomplish its cycle until its end, it was not given to me to know if, having finished it, it will recommence, for certain planets will be grouped in the constellation of Virgo for numerous years while others will be assembled in the constellation of Cancer for an even longer duration.

Now, we are under the influence of the Moon, according to the will of Eternal and Almighty God.  When it has accomplished its complete cycle, the Sun will come and then Saturn, for, according to the celestial signs, Saturn’s reign will be the one during which the world will approach a revolutionary period which will overthrow everything in the world.

This will commence, counting from the present time when I am writing, in one hundred and seventy-seven years, three months and eleven days, (that is to say 1732 which will be, according to certain historians, notably Doctor de Fontbrune, the date of the first arrival in Paris of Jean-Jacques Rousseau whose influence on the changing of ideas, no-one denies.) and will lead to the corruption of ideas and ways of life.  The world will then know deadly epidemics, long periods of famine, wars and terrible inundations;  between the beginning and the end of this time, immense damages will be caused and the human species will be decimated to the point that the survivors will no longer be able to cultivate the fields which will have become sterile.

One can see and read in the celestial movements that this will happen while we are still in the seventh thousand of years which will see the conclusion of everything.  When we are approaching the eighth thousand and the reign of the eighth sphere which will appear in the firmament (Saturn), then our God Eternal will put an end to the period of revolution and the celestial bodies will recommence moving.  It will be the same for all of the sideral movements assuring the stability of the earthly globe, which will not remain eternally inclined on its axis and will not always turn.  Then His will will be accomplished and it cannot be otherwise, in spite of all of the contrary opinions whose equivocal arguments are only illusions.

It happens that the Divine Creator, through the messages which he sends to us (the fire and the flame), proposes to our senses and, consequently, to our eyes, images of future events which are the matter of prediction;  He also gives the explanation of them so that he to whom he has revealed them can, in turn, make them known to other men.

For the presage which issues from an exterior vision ineluctably contains within it the conception of a fraction of Himself resulting from the vision received.  However, this fraction which has permitted the comprehension of the whole of the phenomenon, is nothing more, in reality, than the impression perceived by the mind.  The reason for this is evident, for all prediction comes from God;  the angelic spirit injected into the man who prophesies gives a sacred character to his vaticinations and illuminates him after his mind has been sensitized by numerous nocturnal apparitions.  As for the certitudes which are brought to him afterwards by the astronomical calculations that he will do during the day, it is up to him to put them in harmony with the elements composing the holy predictions concerning the future since these calculations depend exclusively on the man’s free will.

Let me now tell you what the calculations that I have made, according to the revolution of the planets, reveal to me on the subject of the revelations which I have received from the Divine Master.  The mortal sword is approaching us in the form of epidemics, plague and wars whose horror is greater than that which the last three generations of men have known.  It also takes the aspect of famines which will badly strike Humanity several times, as this flows from the conjunction of the stars.  For it is written:

“I will crush their iniquity with an iron rod and will punish them with the whip.”

God’s misericord will not manifest itself for as long as the major part of my predictions will not have been accomplished or are not in the course of being accomplished.  Then, during sinister tempests, the Lord will say:

“I will trample them under my feet, I will break them and I will have no pity for them.”

The waters and the continual rains will provoke many other events which I have described in detail in my other prophecies written in prose.  In these texts, I give the places and the duration of the phenomena, the date at which they will commence and that of their end, such as they have been fixed in advance.  So, the men who will come then, knowing the facts that have already occurred, will be able to determine those that are still to happen and that are described with the greatest precision.

Then, under the vault of the skies, minds will understand;  but this will only happen after the coming of the times that will see their ignorance dissipate.

My dear son, the moment has come for me to conclude.  Accept this gift which your father, Michel Nostradamus, gives you now in the hope that you are able to discover the sense of each of the prophecies that I have confided to the quatrains composing the present work.

I pray God, our Eternal Lord, to accord you a long, happy and prosperous life.

Salon, 1st March 1555.


Right at this particular moment, I am proud to live in the Australian Capital Territory.

Since returning to Australia, I have often been puzzled, not to say annoyed, by the continual waffling of Australian politicians, as they try to avoid doing anything constructive about the environment.  Reams of paper have been devoted to all sorts of studies and surveys.  Experts have given advice.  Scientists have suddenly found themselves on national television, blinking in the unaccustomed light of public scrutiny, only to be shot down (figuratively, at this stage) by politicians spouting stuff where the words “feasibility”, “working families” (always a favourite with Labor) and the now rarer “not proven” are to be heard.

The scientists scurry back to the safety of their relative anonymity (they are often very well-known and respected in their own scientific circles) and politicians get back to more “serious” issues, like how much space should be allowed on footpaths for al fresco meals.  This last issue being important enough locally, to warrant quite a lot of Canberra journalists rushing out to interview a wide range of cafe and restaurant owners, and give them all a bit of free publicity in the local news.  Several days in a row.

Meanwhile, back at the ranch, the same Legislative Assembly which is so concerned about footpaths, in the places which actually have footpaths – we could do with a lot more of them – has been quietly setting up something wonderful in local schools.  We have yet to see how it will function, but the principle is something which, since returning Down Under, I have been screaming at my television set, every time that the word “environment” returns to the forefront in the news.

“Why on Earth don’t you work with our Aboriginal peoples?!”  I shout.  “It’s their speciality!  Their whole culture is about environmental conservation!  They have thousands of years of experience with Australia’s different environments!  Why are you all so stupid?!”  Sadly, the people inside the television set don’t hear me.  This must be the way that ghosts feel.  Ignored, as if they don’t exist.

Then, this wonderful thing happened.  On 24 May 2010, the ACT Government put out a media release, entitled AUSTRALIAN FIRST SEES ACT STUDENTS LEARN ABOUT ABORIGINAL LANDCARE.  Not a catchy title, but the contents of the release made me want to sing.  I didn’t, though.  I just shrieked “yes!” and forwarded the release on to other like-minded people, as we now say.  However, I did add a few gushing sentences.  No-one has yet answered, and today is 7 June.  They are obviously not as like-minded as I had thought.  “Alone, again.  Naturally.”

Simon Corbell, who is the ACT’s Minister for the Environment, Climate Change and Water, announced that, for the first time in Australia (which saw European settlement in 1788) students will be taught about the traditional landcare practices of our local Aboriginal Elders, the Ngunnawal People.  Minister Corbell said:

“Aboriginal communities in the local region have a rich history of landcare and there is a lot we can learn to better our current practices and strategies in Canberra.

“Our younger generations are the environmental advocates of the future and giving school students this valuable knowledge can only have a positive impact on the local environment into the future.”  Commas are often rare in Government media releases.

The programme is called Understanding the Land through the Eyes of the Ngunnawal People – A Natural Resource Management Programme for ACT Schools.  Another not-very-catchy title.  Governments specialize in them.  The programme will be taught in ACT schools from Pre-School to Year 10.  The Minister also said:

“The information provided in this curriculum will help our children understand, respect and value special sites and areas around Canberra, places like Sandwash and Tidbinbilla.

“The programme will also support Aboriginal children with a continued sense of pride and give them an opportunity to teach fellow students some of the landcare practices of their elders.

“Schools will be given a range of resources supporting the programme, including specific information and photographs on local Aboriginal flora and fauna, audio interviews of local Aboriginal Elders, a booklet for teachers and a DVD.

“I am pleased to have the opportunity to launch such an important curriculum for ACT students and look forward to seeing some of the results in our local environment over coming years.” 

Nice one, Minister.  Now, may I draw your attention to the fact that, according to Jessica Good on WIN News, the ACT has just experienced its wettest Autumn in twenty years?  The Territory’s rooves, unaccustomed to so much rain, have been leaking to such an extent that my roofer is two months overdue in his running repairs to mine.

With all this water, could you possibly see your way clear to having another look at our Stage Three Water Restrictions status?  It would be nice to pop down for a visit to Stage Two for a while.

While we’re on the subject, should the ACT Government really be putting all that time and effort, not to mention taxpayers’ money, into advertising the joys of Living in Canberra, in the hope of encouraging people from overseas and interstate to move here, when we are still on Stage Three Water Restrictions?  Wouldn’t it be more intelligent to fix the water supply first?

In the meantime, congratulations to the ACT Government on this Australian First with the First Australians.  How long will it be before all of the States and Territories follow this example?  Five years?  Ten?  Twenty?  At least the ball is rolling.

And, right now, I am very proud to be living in the Australian Capital Territory.

We hear a lot about premature births, but no-one seems to talk much about very long pregnancies.

Doctors always calculate birth dates after a 280 day pregnancy but, as every woman knows, we don’t all have a 28 day cycle.  That said, there have been some really long recorded pregnancies.

Aulus Gellius reports that, after a long conversation with doctors and wise men, Emperor Adrian decided that the child of an irreproachably chaste woman, born eleven months after her husband’s death, was legitimate.

The Supreme Court of Frise (Northern province of the Netherlands) decided in October 1634 that a child born 333 days after the death of the husband was legitimate.

The Paris Parliament declared that the child of a widow, born after a fourteen month pregnancy, was legitimate.

Bartholinus mentions an unmarried woman from Leipzig who gave birth after a sixteen month pregnancy.

French and Scottish Law stipulate that the longest possible time for a pregnancy to last, and the baby to remain legitimate, is three hundred days.  Prussian legislation made it three hundred and one days.

Historical writers have often mentioned very long pregnancies of twelve months, fourteen months, fifteen months.  There have been pregnancies of forty-two to forty-five weeks, three years, twenty-three months, two years and even one of four years.

There is the story of a twenty-five year old woman who became pregnant on 10 February 1876, and felt her baby move on 17 June.  On 28 July, she almost had a miscarriage, and was advised to wean the baby she was breast-feeding.

She was expected to give birth mid-November 1876 but it didn’t happen until 26 April 1877, nine months after the first movements of the foetus and four hundred and forty days after conception.  The baby was wide-awake and weighed nine pounds.

Another case, from Clifton (West Virginia), is about a young woman who had expected to give birth on 1 June, but kept the baby until 15 September.  The foetus had remained in the uterus more than twelve months, nine of them after its first movements had been felt.

There are lots of these cases.  I shall end with the story of a thirty-five year old woman, expected to give birth on 24 April 1883 and who, in May, felt contractions which stopped.  During the next six months, she stayed about the same size, and it was believed several times that her first contractions had begun.

In September, the cervix dilated to allow the introduction of an index and middle finger which directly touched the head.  This state continued for a month, then the dilation disappeared.

During the last nine months of the pregnancy, the baby’s movements were sometimes unbearable for the mother.  At last, the morning of 6 November, after a pregnancy of 476 days, she gave birth to a little boy weighing thirteen pounds.  Both the mother and the baby were well, in spite of the use of chloroform and forceps.

So, why don’t we hear more about very long pregnancies?  Is it because our modern doctors would never allow us to go the natural distance?  Or is it because we demand immediate delivery when we arrive around the 280 day mark?

Strange, very strange.



In the heart of the Year Thousand that comes after Year Thousand

Man will know that all living things are bearers of light

And that they are creatures to be respected

He will have built the new cities

In the sky, on the earth and on the sea.


He will have the memory of what was

And he will know what will be

He will no longer be afraid of his own death

For in his life he will have lived several lives

And the light, he will understand, will never go out.


This prophecy tells us the same thing that all of the world’s religions have been telling us for thousands of years:  every living thing carries within itself part of the universal light, which has been given different names at different times, one of them being “God”.  We now know that our DNA contains the memory of all life on this planet, as well as the knowledge of our future on Earth.  In a similar way, we hold within us the spiritual memory of our origins, and the spiritual knowledge of our future.

In this Golden Age, science and spirituality will come together in a common understanding of both our past and of our future.  Then, we will no longer be afraid of our own death because we will have understood that the light… will never go out.

To conclude this foray into the Prophecies of John of Jerusalem,  I would like to give my answer to the question “Why do some prophets predict the End of the World, and others, like John of Jerusalem, predict a new Golden Age?”.

The End of the World prophets and the Golden Age prophets are both right.  The first see the future we will have if we continue on the road on which we have been travelling.  The second see the future we will have if we take a different path.  The future that a prophet sees is probably a reflection of his own personal pessimism or optimism about which path Man will choose to travel.

Life is all about choices.  When we are children, choices concerning our lives are often made by someone else.  As adults, we make our own.

Our choices are reflections of whom we see ourselves to be.  No choice is necessarily bad in itself, although we may perceive it as such later on.

We are each born with a goal in life, with one or more particular lessons to learn.  The “right” path for each of us is the one which takes us to our goal and teaches us the lessons which we need to learn.  Our “right” path will not be the “right” path for somebody else.  Therefore, as individuals, it is not our role to judge other people’s life choices.

However, while, as individuals, we have our own goals and lessons to be learnt, we are also a tiny part of the human species, which also has a goal and lessons to be learnt.  To reach that goal, while learning the lessons, we need to work together, each of us contributing our particular talents and knowledge.

Humans often travel through time at different speeds.  Some of us are able to pop into the future, or zoom back into the past.  We are never able to stay there for very long, but visits can be frequent.  Both the past and the future can teach us how to attain both our individual goals and our collective goal(s).  We need all the help we can get.

So, which future do we want?  Do we want the End of the World, or do we want the Golden Age?  Are we willing to give up and let chaos reign until the Earth is too sick to be saved, or do we want to do something constructive, both as individuals and as a species, to help the Earth to heal?

It is up to us to decide.  Life is all about choices.



In the heart of the Year Thousand that comes after Year Thousand

Man will have learnt to give and to share

The bitter days of solitude will be gone

He will believe once more in the spirit

And the Barbarians will have acquired recognition.


But that will come after the war and the fires

That will spring up from the blackened ruins of the towers of Babel

And it will have taken an iron fist

For the disorder to be put in order and for man to find again the right path.


For the fourth time in these prophecies, John refers to the attacks of 11 September 2001.  He tells us that it is as a result of this event that an iron fist will bring back order to the world.

This attack is the detonator which introduces measures which will change the balance of the forces in play in today’s world, and will favorise the coming of the “Great Monarch”, or “Great Frightener”, of whom Nostradamus speaks.

This “monarch” is not necessarily one person;  it could be a dominant nation, which brings peace to the world.

Last prophecy tomorrow.



In the heart of the Year Thousand that comes after Year Thousand

Roads will go from one end of the earth and the sky to the other end

Forests will be dense again

And the deserts will have been irrigated

The waters will have become pure again.


The earth will be like a garden

Man will watch over everything that lives

He will purify that which he has soiled

He will feel as if all the earth is his home

And he will be wise in thinking of the days to come.


This description of our Earth, and of our relation with it, must be balm to the hearts of environmentalists everywhere around the world.  Their efforts will not have been in vain.  Finally, our technology will have been used to clean up the mess we have made and restore the Earth to good health.

However, the only way that we are going to get there, is to let our politicians know that that is what we want, and “get on with it immediately” – please.  Let us remain polite.

Before that can happen, mentalities need to change.  Fast.

Thirty-eighth prophecy tomorrow.



In the heart of the Year Thousand that comes after Year Thousand

Man will have a second birth

The Spirit will take hold of the human throng

Who will worship in brotherhood

Then the end of the barbarous times will begin.


This will be the time of a new vigour of the Faith

After the black days of the beginning of the Year Thousand that comes after Year Thousand

Happy days will open up

Man will again find the path of Men

And the earth will be in order.


Here, John seems to be announcing a universal spiritual awakening, after all of our present suffering and violence.  Men will communicate with each other at last, promoting understanding and mutual co-operation.

The second part of the prophecy speaks of spiritual renewal after the disappearance of divisive dogmas.  Science and spirituality will no longer oppose each other, but will blend in a common understanding of Man and his role in Life.

And the earth will be in order.

Thirty-seventh prophecy tomorrow.



In the heart of the Year Thousand that comes after Year Thousand

Man will no longer be the only ruler for woman will come and seize the sceptre

She will be the great mistress of the future times

And that which she thinks, she will impose on men

She will be the mother of this Year Thousand that comes after Year Thousand

She will spread the warm softness of the sea after the days of the Devil

She will be beauty after the ugliness of the barbarous times

The Year Thousand that comes after Year Thousand will change into a gentle time

People will love and they will share

They will dream and they will give birth to the dreams.


This prophecy is about a normal evolutionary cycle.  Humanity has previously known periods of feminine domination.  Numerous societies have functioned under the rule of women, and there are tribes today where the matriarcat is still the rule.  A great number of other animal societies are matriarcal.

In Europe, female regents, mothers, wives or mistresses have often weighed heavily on the course of History, even when the ruler was officially male.  It wasn’t until Napoleon started invading countries and structuring the post-French Revolutionary period with the Code Napoleon, that women were deprived of all the rights and responsiblities which they had enjoyed for centuries, and which were only gradually returned to them over the course of the twentieth century.

In other parts of the world, women are still sometimes considered as little more than cattle.

John speaks of feminine softness and gentleness, which is the traditional image of the “eternal woman”.  It is true that women have greater sensitivity than men and, usually, conciliatory talents absent in a lot of males.  At the same time, they have proven that they know how to govern with a strong hand.

John’s vision probably reflects a time when power and domination will no longer be the ruling values of our societies.  Mutual understanding, sharing, conciliation will take over in a time when humanity will no longer need war lords, and when gentleness and beauty will reign.

Thirty-sixth prophecy tomorrow.



In the heart of the Year Thousand that comes after Year Thousand

Man will know what the spirit of all things is

The stone or the water, the body of the animal or the gaze of others

He will have pierced the secrets that the ancient Gods possessed

And he will open door after door in the labyrinth of the new life.


He will create with the gushing power of a water source

He will teach the knowledge to the multitude of men

And the children will know more about the earth and the sky than anyone before them

And Man’s body will be bigger and skilful

And his mind will have embraced all things and will have understood them.


This prophecy appears to tell us that we will know everything about everything.  Really.  We won’t just think that we do.  We will pass this knowledge to everyone.  It will no longer be limited to specialists, or kept secret by individual countries.  All humans will have access to it.

When?  90% of today’s knowledge is connected to the twentieth century.  The acceleration of knowledge had reached the point, in the year 2000, of doubling every seven years.  It was estimated then that, if discoveries continued at the same rate, they would double, in 2050, every two hours.

Total knowledge and understanding are accessible to us if we can just stop thinking of everything in terms of financial gain.  Once we get over this obsession with money, we will free ourselves to pursue the right paths to absolute knowledge.

So, once again, when will this happen?  Saint John speaks of a very troubled period at the beginning of the third millenium, but announces the beginning of the Golden Age after 2020.

Saint Remy also speaks of a religious and monarchical Parousia around 2020, which seems to agree with the prediction of the coming of the Great Monarch, great pacifier, announced fairly clearly by Nostradamus.

Saint Malachie predicts the end of the Roman Catholic Popes around 2026, but not the disappearance of faith, which will become ecumenical.

Nostradamus puts the Golden Age between 2030 and 2050.

All of these prophecies seem to agree, give or take a few years, which would indicate that 2020 might be some sort of key year for opening our access to better times.

Thirty-fifth prophecy tomorrow.



In the heart of the Year Thousand that comes after Year Thousand

Men will be able to go down under the waters

Their bodies will be new and they will be fish

And some will fly high, higher than the birds

As if stones don’t fall.


They will communicate with each other

For their minds will be so greatly open that they will receive all messages

And dreams will be shared

And they will live as long as the oldest of men

The one of whom the Holy Books speak.


This prophecy is a difficult one for me to comment.  Is John just having trouble describing future technology, or is he saying that our bodies will have changed so much that we will be fish?  He does not say “like fish”.  He says that we will “be fish”.

There has been some experimentation in filling our lungs with a substance which allows us to stay under water for extended periods of time.  This was a few decades ago.  I don’t know if this sort of thing is still being done.

We know that some animals, such as dragons and dolphins, returned to the water, having previously left it to live on land.  Dragons came back onto land, and are now mostly extinct, which shows that dolphins made the right choice.

During our conception and development in our mother’s womb, we go through the entire cycle of evolution.  We don’t actually use our lungs for breathing until we are ejected from the womb.  Theoretically, it could be reasonably simple, with a bit of genetic tweaking, to transform some of us into “fish” again.  Unlike the dolphin, we would not have to adapt “naturally”, which would take numerous generations of us living almost continuously in water.  We could change our DNA and transmit the change to our children.

If large chunks of our planet disappear under the rising seas, this could be part of our coping strategy.

John also speaks of us flying higher than the birds.  He doesn’t mention any machines, so he is probably referring to some sort of levitation.  Some humans are able to control levitation.  Most of us, if we levitate at all, are unable to control it.

Levitation is due to a change in the way that we vibrate, usually connected to our emotional state of mind.  This change eliminates part of the pull of gravity and can send us soaring into the air.  When this happens unexpectedly, it often causes fear.  As soon as we feel fear, our vibration changes and we come back down to earth – or remain desperately clinging to a tree branch, waiting for help.

I had one brush with levitation when I was eight years old.  It was preceded, and accompanied, by a feeling of great joy, happiness and love for the entire Earth.  I wanted to hug the sky.  I was running at the time, and did not immediately realize that my feet were no longer touching the ground.  I only rose about 30 centimetres, and kept travelling forward at the same speed, but I have talked to people who had friends who had had the “whoosh, then treetop” experience.

In the middle of the nineteenth century, a gentleman by the name of Daniel Dunglas Home floated in and out of upstairs windows in London, as his party trick.  So he could definitely levitate at will and control speed and direction while he was doing it.

Perhaps, when our spirituality has developed more universally, we shall be joyful and loving enough to levitate at will.

In the second part of this prophecy, John appears to be speaking about telepathy and sharing dreams.  We know that people often communicate mentally with each other.  I used to communicate in this way with my cousin.  That was before mobile telephones.

I also sent messages in this way to my dog, who responded to them.  It is very easy to do this with animals; you just have to remember to send images, not words.  It is also easier for humans to receive images rather than words, although we can do both if we imagine the word written down, and send it as an image.

John tells us that we are going to live much longer, too.  A healthy, stress-free, spiritual life of love and understanding toward all living things, is guaranteed to lengthen our lives.  We are genetically programmed to live 130 to 140 years.  Already, our average life expectancy increases by three months every year.  If this keeps going, who knows where it will end?

Thirty-fourth prophecy tomorrow.

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