When the Year Thousand that comes after Year Thousand begins

You must be afraid for the child of man

Poison and despair will lie in wait for him

He will be desired only selfishly and not for his own sake or for the world

He will be tracked down for sexual pleasure and sometimes his body will be sold.


But even the one being protected by his family

Will be in danger of having a dead mind

He will live inside games and mirages

Which will guide him because there will be no more educators

No-one will have taught him to hope and how to act.


John returns here to the subject of children left to themselves by absentee parents.  With no education within a family framework, many will turn to drugs of one kind or another, including sex.

John shows us that the reason for our neglect of our children is that they have become some sort of “must have” acquisition, or an element of our own personal development, instead of being wanted for themselves or as a contribution to the world.

Considered from this selfish point of view, our children easily become simple objects of pleasure for sexual predators, who seek them out and train them for this role, while their parents are off doing other things for their own “personal development”.  Some parents even go so far as to sell their own children as sex objects.

John goes on to warn us that, even if parents are there for their children and protect them from outside dangers, they often dump them in front of the television, or give them video games to occupy them and keep them quiet.  From a very early age, children start living in virtual worlds of images and sounds, which are becoming more and more realistic and more and more violent.  Even spectator sports have become an excuse for violent confrontations among supporters of different teams.

Coupled with the total breakdown of our education system, this immersion in virtual worlds is almost the only guide to life to which our children have access.  This, plus the current social chaos, is all that they have to mould their values and social behaviour.

Twenty-seventh prophecy tomorrow.