When the Year Thousand that comes after Year Thousand begins

Whole regions will be prey to war

Beyond the Roman limes and even on the former territory of the Empire, men of same cities will cut each others throats

Here it will be war between tribes and there between religious believers.


The Jews and the children of Allah will unendingly oppose each other

And the land of Christ will be their battlefield

But the infidels will want to defend the purety of their faith everywhere

And opposite them will be only doubt and power

Then death will advance everywhere like the flag of the new times.


John is back on the theme of war.  Whole regions of the Earth have become war zones because they possess things that rich countries want, like oil.

The word limes (pronounced “lee-mez”) is only used by historians and archaeologists today.  It also pops up in the occasional historical film or book.  It is used so little that my Oxford dictionary (fairly limited in size) has done away with it.  Therefore, we shall have to make do with my translation from the Petit Larousse 1991:  “(latin word with a sense of frontier)  Historical.  Under the Roman Empire, zone of fortifications more or less continual bordering certain frontiers having no natural defences”.

The Romans were considered to have brought “civilization” to the territories which they conquered.  Anyone living “beyond the Roman limes” was necessarily “uncivilized” and “barbaric”.  However, John points out that even in places supposedly civilized by former Roman occupation, people are now acting like barbarians.  There are civil wars between ethnic groups as well as between people of different religions.

In the second part of the prophecy, John tells of the war in Palestine between Arabs and Jews.  He says that religious fervour animates these non-Christians, and that the rest of the world has only doubt and military strength to contribute to the situation, which of course are of little help in resolving the problem.

Then death will advance everywhere like the flag of the new times

Twenty-ninth prophecy tomorrow.