When the Year Thousand that comes after Year Thousand begins

The sun will burn the earth

The Air will no longer be a veil which protects from the fire

It will be only a curtain with holes

And the burning light will eat away skins and eyes.


The sea will rise like boiling water

Cities and seasides will be covered

And entire continents will disappear

Men will take refuge on the heights

And they will rebuild already forgetting that which has happened.


This prophecy starts by speaking of the holes we have caused in the layer of ozone and of the resulting danger of exposing our skins and eyes to sunlight.  Skin cancers and cataracts are eating “away skins and eyes”.

The second part speaks of rising sea levels and tidal waves.  It tells of the cities, and even continents, which will disappear.

It warns us again of Man refusing to listen to the Earth’s warnings, and building again in the same places where the tsunami have wiped out whole towns.

A lot of small island nations will disappear over the next few decades.  If the waters continue to rise, cities like New York, San Francisco, Melbourne and Sydney will follow them.

Urgent action is needed to slow down, then reverse, global warming, which is causing the ice at the poles to melt, thereby raising sea levels.

Twenty-fourth prophecy tomorrow.