When the Year Thousand that comes after Year Thousand begins

The animals which Noah had embarked on his Ark

Will be no more in Man’s hands

Than beasts transformed according to his will

And who will worry about their lifetime of suffering?


Man will have made each species into what he wanted

And he will have destroyed numerous ones

What will the man have become who will have changed the laws of life

Who will have made the living animal a piece of clay

Will he be the equal of God or the child of the Devil?


For thousands of years we have been transforming our domestic animals.  We have now reached the point where we no longer see our animals as anything more than meat or milk on the hoof.

This has resulted in some “food” species, like pigs and chickens, spending their entire lives locked up in tiny spaces where they can barely move.

We are also introducing human genes into pigs, so that they can grow us “spare parts”, and spiders have now been co-opted for the industrial production of their silk in goat’s milk.

While we have been doing all this, we have managed to wipe out an enormous quantity of other species, either because we wanted their habitat, or because they killed the occasional animal “belonging” to us for food.

Our pollution of the Earth’s air, soil and water has rapidly helped things along too, not to mention over-intensive fishing or other forms of hunting.

While we are on the subject of fishing, is the torture of fish for the pleasure of the human animal really something we should be promoting as a “wholesome family sport”?  Shouldn’t we be teaching our children a bit more compassion, if empathy is too much to ask?

We are immediately up-in-arms when someone tortures a kitten, but fish don’t seem to matter.  Is it because we can’t hear them screaming?  Is it because they don’t have fur?  Is it because they are just too different from us?  It can’t be because they are food;  we don’t need to torture our food to death.

Have we become “the equal of God or the child of the Devil”?

Twenty-sixth prophecy tomorrow.