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I’ve been away for a while but have joined the Friday Fictioneers again this week.  Madison is very busy and might not be posting a story – although, she might surprise us – but the link to her page where all of the other links to our stories are to be found is:


Or, you can click on the number beside the little blue creature underneath my story.

Photo copyright: S. K Wenzel

She sat watching bubbles break in the rock pool beneath.  Concentric circles spread wider and wider while a pair of ear-like shells lay empty.  Like her life.

Where had her bubbles gone?  Where were her concentric circles of friends?  Why was her life an empty shell?  Why was she sitting here alone?

It was true that she didn’t like noise and preferred secluded places.  However, that did not mean that she was unwilling to share her favourite spots.  Where, in this busy, noisy world, could she find someone with similar tastes?

“It’s beautiful here, isn’t it?”  spoke a quiet voice above her head.



I didn’t write anything last week.  I was involved in a few personal problems and was not able to spend as much time as usual on WordPress.  So, firstly, my apologies to all of the people whose blogs I usually visit but didn’t.

I’m back again this week – obviously – and here is the link to Madison’s page:


If you click onto the little blue creature underneath the story, it will take you to a list of more 100-word stories.

Here are the photo prompt and my 100-word story:

It comes every night.  It starts with the black handles on the white wardrobe closing in on me until they’re about to crush me.  Then they move far away, and the room is enormous and I feel so small.  Then the handles come back again, and it keeps going until the dream starts.

The dream itself is terrifying.  I don’t know why.  Nothing happens in it.  But I’m terrified while I’m dreaming it.

There’s this tree.  It looks dead.  Then a buzzard comes and sits on it.  It just sits.  It doesn’t do anything…

Doctor?…  Doctor!…  Oh, my God!…  He’s dead!

It’s Friday again, and 100-word fiction time.  The link to Madison’s page for her story is here:


All of the other stories can be found by clicking onto the number next to the funny little blue creature at the bottom of this post.

The picture and my story are here:

“Ouch!  Mu-um!”

“Come along, Moira!  Keep up!”

“I can’t!  They keep grabbing me!”

“What keep grabbing you?”

“The brambles!”

Jennifer sighed.  Teenagers!

“Just rip yourself free!  They’re old clothes!”

“I’ve tried!  I’m stuck!  And it hurts!”

“Well, stay there!  If you can’t get out of a bramble bush, you deserve to spend the night in the woods!”

“You’re not going to leave me here?  Mu-um!  Come back!  I swear, it won’t let go!  Mu-um!”

Five minutes, Jennifer thought, picking and eating a ripe raspberry, oblivious to the watching predator.

She died quickly.  Now, he could take his time with the girl.

It’s Friday again, and 100 word fiction time!  All sorts of things have been happening.  Madison has changed her site address but that doesn’t change anything about our Friday meeting of the flash-fiction “club”.  The link to Madison’s story and the links to all of the other 100 word stories can be found on this page:


Here is Madison’s photo prompt and my 100 word story:

I’ve always known that there are fairies.  If they don’t exist, why are there so many of them in our myths and legends?  Why are there stories called fairy tales if there aren’t any fairies?  These days, we tend to swat things and ask questions later.  What if we’re killing fairies?

Here, behind the supermarket, there’s often perfectly edible fruit.  It’s thrown out when it gets a little spot on it.  Such waste!

I see the fairy in her pointy hat standing on a pebble in the puddle, her wings glistening.  I fumble for my reading-glasses.  I must see this up close!

Friday is here again.  In Australia, at least.  It might still be Thursday where you are.  The idea is to write a story in 100 words, using a picture prompt.  Then, a link to your story is posted in the Comments section of the following page on Madison’s blog:


Here is my 100 word story:

“You can’t go up there!”  Gavin sounded anxious.

“Why?”  Sandra turned to look at him.

“Because …”  What could he say to stop her?  “… an old witch lives up there!”  Why had they come this way?

“A witch?”  Sandra laughed as she continued up the path.  “Witches don’t exist!”

“This one does!” he muttered, as he started after her.  “Stop!  Let me explain!”

Too late!  A woman in a long gown was silhouetted against the sky, white hair flowing around her and arms full of wildflowers.

Gavin sighed.  So much for first impressions!

“It’s my great-aunt.  She writes poetry and paints!”

It’s Friday Fictioneers time again.  I’m in Australia, so it might still be Thursday where you are.

The story should be 100 words if possible – mine is – and a link to it should be posted in the Comments Section on the following page:  http://madisonwoods.wordpress.com/flash-fiction/vertigo so there will be plenty of other 100 word stories only a click away.

Here is the photo prompt and my story:

He lies on a heavy bough, surveying the waving grass.  His sable coat makes him more efficient at night, but hunger has drawn him from his den in full daylight.  Age has been hampering him more and more lately.  This time, he has killed, and his half-eaten prey hangs beside him.  It should be safe here.

It is time to return to the darkness of his den.  As he rises to his feet, something strange in the sky catches his eye.  He backs away from it along the branch, then drops to the ground, where a startled serpent suddenly strikes…

Firstly, I want to explain that the story is supposed to be limited to 100 words, which it is, and be published on Friday, which it is – in Australia.  It is still Thursday in the United States, so Madison might not have posted her story yet.  However, other people have left their links already, in the Comments Section, so even if you are reading this before it is Friday in the USA, you’ll find some other 100 word stories to read.  Here’s the link to the right page on Madison’s Blog:


Now, here’s my story:

“On the Road to Work” by Douglas MacIlroy

Whoever finds this note, know that I’m still waiting.  There’s no food left and the snow’s made me ill.  I’ve eaten all the other paper.

I don’t know what day it is.  My watch broke when I landed and I keep fainting.  I’ve seen no-one, no animals, no plants.  I can go no farther.

I knew it was risky, but Jack had to lie flat, so I volunteered.  How the Hell did he break his back in zero gravity?  No-one explained.  There was no time.  I jumped.  Messed up the landing.  Forgotten this planet’s number.  Equipment no longer working.  Won’t find me.  So tired.  Waiting.

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