Why have the Prophecies of John of Jerusalem, who died around 1120,  taken so long to be generally known?

For thousands of years, prophets were accepted and respected members of the community.  All powerful people and organizations had their own “official” prophets.  No-one did anything important without consulting the augures or the oracles.

The Roman Catholic Church had its own prophets and was suspicious of anyone operating without its approval.  Thousands of people, including prophets, were accused of magic, witchcraft and/or dealings with the Devil, and were burnt to death.

It is possible that John of Jerusalem chose to keep his prophecies secret for this reason.  Another possible reason is that they concern events starting to occur nearly one thousand years afterward and, as he would have known, things often remain hidden until they are needed.

John of Jerusalem was one of the founders of the military and religious Order of the Temple and died, at the age of 77,  not long after its creation in 1118.  It is probable that his manuscript was kept in the archives of the Order after his death.

In 1312, Pope Clement V closed down the Order, distributing its lands and buildings to other Orders, except for those in France which were co-opted by the Crown.  Philippe le Bel of France, had been at the origin of the closing down of the Order, which had become very rich and therefore powerful.  He had arrested one hundred and thirty-eight Temple Knights in 1307 on trumped-up charges and, after years of torture, a lot of them were eventually burnt at the stake in 1314, including the Grand Master, Jacques de Molay.

What happened to the French Temple archives?  Most likely, part of them at least were smuggled out of France to other commanderies.

As for the Prophecies of John of Jerusalem, according to Jean de Mareuil, they turned up at the beginning of the twentieth century in a synagogue in Varsovia (Poland).  The nazis found the manuscript in 1941, then, at the end of the Second World War, the Russians took it.  It was discovered in the archives of the KGB in the sixties and presented at last to the world by Professor Galvieski.

How the Prophecies finally got here is irrelevant.   They have arrived in time to help us negotiate a difficult period in the history of civilization.  Are we willing to learn the lessons they teach us?  Or are we going to waste time denying their origins?  No man is deafer than the one who refuses to hear.