It’s Friday again, and 100-word fiction time.  The link to Madison’s page for her story is here:

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“Ouch!  Mu-um!”

“Come along, Moira!  Keep up!”

“I can’t!  They keep grabbing me!”

“What keep grabbing you?”

“The brambles!”

Jennifer sighed.  Teenagers!

“Just rip yourself free!  They’re old clothes!”

“I’ve tried!  I’m stuck!  And it hurts!”

“Well, stay there!  If you can’t get out of a bramble bush, you deserve to spend the night in the woods!”

“You’re not going to leave me here?  Mu-um!  Come back!  I swear, it won’t let go!  Mu-um!”

Five minutes, Jennifer thought, picking and eating a ripe raspberry, oblivious to the watching predator.

She died quickly.  Now, he could take his time with the girl.