It’s Friday again, and 100 word fiction time!  All sorts of things have been happening.  Madison has changed her site address but that doesn’t change anything about our Friday meeting of the flash-fiction “club”.  The link to Madison’s story and the links to all of the other 100 word stories can be found on this page:

Here is Madison’s photo prompt and my 100 word story:

I’ve always known that there are fairies.  If they don’t exist, why are there so many of them in our myths and legends?  Why are there stories called fairy tales if there aren’t any fairies?  These days, we tend to swat things and ask questions later.  What if we’re killing fairies?

Here, behind the supermarket, there’s often perfectly edible fruit.  It’s thrown out when it gets a little spot on it.  Such waste!

I see the fairy in her pointy hat standing on a pebble in the puddle, her wings glistening.  I fumble for my reading-glasses.  I must see this up close!