Friday is here again.  In Australia, at least.  It might still be Thursday where you are.  The idea is to write a story in 100 words, using a picture prompt.  Then, a link to your story is posted in the Comments section of the following page on Madison’s blog:

Here is my 100 word story:

“You can’t go up there!”  Gavin sounded anxious.

“Why?”  Sandra turned to look at him.

“Because …”  What could he say to stop her?  “… an old witch lives up there!”  Why had they come this way?

“A witch?”  Sandra laughed as she continued up the path.  “Witches don’t exist!”

“This one does!” he muttered, as he started after her.  “Stop!  Let me explain!”

Too late!  A woman in a long gown was silhouetted against the sky, white hair flowing around her and arms full of wildflowers.

Gavin sighed.  So much for first impressions!

“It’s my great-aunt.  She writes poetry and paints!”