It’s Friday Fictioneers time again.  I’m in Australia, so it might still be Thursday where you are.

The story should be 100 words if possible – mine is – and a link to it should be posted in the Comments Section on the following page: so there will be plenty of other 100 word stories only a click away.

Here is the photo prompt and my story:

He lies on a heavy bough, surveying the waving grass.  His sable coat makes him more efficient at night, but hunger has drawn him from his den in full daylight.  Age has been hampering him more and more lately.  This time, he has killed, and his half-eaten prey hangs beside him.  It should be safe here.

It is time to return to the darkness of his den.  As he rises to his feet, something strange in the sky catches his eye.  He backs away from it along the branch, then drops to the ground, where a startled serpent suddenly strikes…