Firstly, I want to explain that the story is supposed to be limited to 100 words, which it is, and be published on Friday, which it is – in Australia.  It is still Thursday in the United States, so Madison might not have posted her story yet.  However, other people have left their links already, in the Comments Section, so even if you are reading this before it is Friday in the USA, you’ll find some other 100 word stories to read.  Here’s the link to the right page on Madison’s Blog: 

Now, here’s my story:

“On the Road to Work” by Douglas MacIlroy

Whoever finds this note, know that I’m still waiting.  There’s no food left and the snow’s made me ill.  I’ve eaten all the other paper.

I don’t know what day it is.  My watch broke when I landed and I keep fainting.  I’ve seen no-one, no animals, no plants.  I can go no farther.

I knew it was risky, but Jack had to lie flat, so I volunteered.  How the Hell did he break his back in zero gravity?  No-one explained.  There was no time.  I jumped.  Messed up the landing.  Forgotten this planet’s number.  Equipment no longer working.  Won’t find me.  So tired.  Waiting.