This photo of an UFO taken on 18 December 1966 above Lake Tiorati, New York State, by Vincent Parna, was recognized as authentic after a minutious examination.

On this particular night, around 4:00 a.m., Doctor N. is woken suddenly by appalling cries.  He immediately realises that they are coming from his son’s bedroom.  The child is fourteen months old and is sleeping at the other end of the apartment.

Doctor N. leaps from his bed and falls to his knees with a cry of pain:  three days earlier, he had hurt his leg while breaking a piece of wood.  He rises and rushes, limping, towards his son’s bedroom.  The child is standing in his bed, visibly terrified and is pointing to the window.  The father looks and distinctly sees flashes of red light which are penetrating through the closed shutters.  He tells his son that it is nothing.  Just a storm in the making.  Papa is going to prepare a bottle for him…

Before going to the kitchen, Doctor N., more intrigued than he appears, goes towards a big, glass bay-window situated on the South side of his villa.  On his right, that is to say, on the West side, he notices the same flashes underneath the rolling shutters which are half-way down.  He opens the window onto the house’s vast terrace and then sees that it is raining, but that the weather is not at all stormy.  So where are these reddish fulgurations coming from?  By leaning out of the window, he finally sees distinctly the origin of the phenomenon:  the red, opalescent flashes are being emitted by two flying objects, in the form of a disc, the top of which is of a shiny silvery colour while underneath it is a very luminous red…

Greatly impressed, the doctor notices that the flashes surge in intervals of about one second and that when the luminous pulsation which runs along the two discs arrives at maximum intensity, a brief explosion occurs.  Now, he sees the flying objects move together towards the left and stop at the centre of the vast countryside which can be seen from the southern side of the villa.  It also seems to the witness that the two discs are slowly moving closer to each other.  It is by following with his eyes the shafts of light that they are emitting downward and which are lighting up the lawn and the uneven ground which is beyond the garden, that he becomes certain that the two discs will end up crashing into each other…  An instant later, they are exactly opposite the open window and the doctor then sees very distinctly their slim edges enter into contact and the discs fuse immediately, ceasing to emit their luminous signals.  At the height of his eyes, it seems to him, the witness only now sees one disc which continues to advance towards him.  Fascinated, he tries to move backwards towards the interior of the room but, as if struck with paralysis, he can’t.

This luminous UFO photographed on 8 August 1965 by James Lucci of Beaver, Pennsylvania, had, according to estimations by witnesses, a diameter of around 13 metres.

He then sees the disc tip slowly into a vertical position and take on the appearance of an enormous coin standing on its side.  The shaft of red light appears again and passes across the window in front of which is the doctor.  At the moment when the shaft is about to reach him, he hears a sort of explosion and the disc appears to “dematerialize”.  The witness then sees nothing more than a big whiteish halo which was perhaps only, he would later say, a retinian impression, a remnant image of the disc which subsisted for a few minutes then evaporated as if dispersed by the wind.

It is only a little later, upon leaving the state of shock in which he was, that Doctor N. recalls as well that the disc bore several antennae and that the luminous shaft which was diffracting through layers of fog had a perfectly cylindrical form…

The doctor managed to return to his bedroom and woke his wife who had heard nothing.  He recounted to her all that he had just seen and while he was speaking, she put back into place the bandage wrapped around his leg.  She noticed then that the important bruise that he had there had totally disappeared and he, himself, realised that the pain that he was still feeling when he had risen had also disappeared.  Even better, the sequels of a war wound which had resulted in a slight paralysis of the right side, which made standing upright difficult, had also disappeared, and the proof that it was not just a passing impression, was that the doctor could now stand just on his right leg which he had been totally incapable of doing until then…

Aime Michel, the man who in France was the one who knew the most about the problem of unidentified flying objects and who was the first to determine that they obeyed the rule of orthotaenia (that is to say that their different apparitions in a given region can be connected by a straight line) visited this doctor, sixteen days after the observation that he had made of the flying saucer.  This man, who asks, like many other witnesses, that his anonymat be carefully respected, appeared terribly tired and bewildered and had lost several kilos.  He recounted to Aime Michel that the day after the apparition of the two UFOs, he had suffered from violent cramps in the abdominal area and that about ten days after the event, a strange triangular mark had formed around his navel.  One of his dermatologist colleagues had not been able to give any explanation and on 17 November 1968, sixteen days after his adventure, this mark of perfectly geometrical form, was still visible.

Questioning him further, Aime Michel learned that, in the night of 13 November, the witness had dreamt of a triangle in connection with a flying disc…  As a man who knew about paranormal things, the writer immediately thought of a psychsomatic explanation:  as is the case for certain people with light stigmata, Doctor N.’s subconscious could very well have suscitated this curious pigmentation of the skin.  But a few days later, this hypothesis was seriously defeated…  A triangle of the exact dimension and colour, had also appeared on his son’s abdomen.

At the end of 1970, the detectives, including Aime Michel, who had faithfully followed the doctor’s life and noted all of their observations, drew up a first report.

The handicap of the right leg had not reappeared and the sequels of the wound that he gave himself on the leg in 1968 had also disappeared.

The triangle, on the other hand, became visible regularly on both the father and the son and this sort of intermittent tattoo remained visible for three days – in the case of the son, even when he was on holidays at his grandmother’s who knew nothing of this story.

The people in this family’s entourage, also questioned by Aime Michel, have also noted important changes of a psychological order in the doctor’s household.  They say that both the husband and the wife now have a different conception of existence and that they have a tendency to give to all of the events that they experience a mystical prolongation.  Since the famous night, Doctor N. observes that he is capable of having transmissions of thought, whether he is receiving or emitting.  He has even noticed that he has entered several times into levitation and that the clocks and electrical circuits in his house inexplicably break down…


To be continued.