Ferdinand Ossendowski

The physicist Ferdinand Ossendowski asks the Lama if anyone has ever seen the King of the World.  The Lama replies:

“Yes.  During the solemn festivals of Ancient Buddhism in Siam and the Indies, the King of the World appeared five times.  He was on a magnificent chariot drawn by white elephants, decorated with gold, precious stones and the finest cloths;  he was dressed in a white coat, and wore on his head a red tiara from which hung rivers of diamonds which masked his face.  He blessed the people with a gold sphere surmounted by a lamb.  The blind regained their sight, the deaf heard, the paralyzed began to walk again and the dead rose inside their tombs everywhere that the gaze of the King of the World landed.  He appeared also one hundred and forty years ago in Erdeni-Dzu and visited, too, the ancient monastery of Sakkai and Narabanchi Kure.

“One of our Living Buddhas and one of the Tashi Lamas received from him a message written in unknown characters on tablets of gold.  No-one could read these signs.  The Tashi Lama entered the Temple, placed the tablet of gold on his head and began to pray.  Thanks to this prayer, the thoughts of the King of the World penetrated inside his brain and, without having read the enigmatic signs, he understood and accomplished the King’s message.”

I asked him how many people had been to Agharti.  He answered:

“A great number, but all these men kept secret what they had seen.  When the Olets destroyed Lhassa, one of their detachments, finding itself in the mountains of the South-West, arrived right at the limits of Agharti.  There, they learned some of the mysterious Sciences and brought them back to the surface of the Earth.

“That is why the Olets and the Kalmuks are clever sorcerers and prophets.  A few Black tribes of the East penetrated Agharti too and lived there for several centuries.  Later on, they were chased out of the Kingdom and returned to the surface of the Earth, bringing back with them the Mystery of Predictions by cards, herbs and the lines of the hand.  They are the Bohemians.  Somewhere, in the North of Asia, there exists a tribe which is disappearing and which came from the Cavern of Agharti.  The members know how to recall the spirits of the dead when they float in the air.”

The Lama remained silent for a while.  Then, as if he were replying to my thought, he continued:

“In Agharti, the Pandita scholars write on stone tablets all of the Science of our planet and of other worlds.  The Chinese Buddhist scholars well know this.  Their Science is the highest and the purest.  Each century, one hundred wise men from China gather in a secret place, on the banks of the sea, where one hundred immortal tortoises emerge from the depths.  On their shells, the Chinese write the conclusions of the Divine Science of the century.”

This reminds me of the story recounted to me by an old Chinese Bonze from the Temple of Heaven in Peking.  He told me that tortoises live for more than three thousand years without air or food and that this is the reason for which all of the columns of the Blue Temple of Heaven were placed on living tortoises so as to prevent the wood from rotting.

Do these statues sculpted in the rock of a mountain, thirty miles from Lhassa, indicate the place of one of the hidden entrances to Agarttha?

The librarian Lama said to me:

“Several times, the Pontiffs of Urga and of Lhassa sent Ambassadors to the King of the World, but it was impossible for them to discover him.  Only one particular Tibetan Chief, after a battle with the Olets, found the Cavern bearing the inscription:  ‘This door leads to Agharti’.  From the Cavern came a man of beautiful appearance who presented him with a tablet of gold bearing mysterious signs, saying to him:

‘The King of the World will appear before all men when the time has come for him to lead all the good people into a war against the evil ones;  but this time has not yet come.  The most evil humans have not yet been born.’

“The Chiang-Chun Baron Ungern sent the young Prince Punzig on an embassy to the King of the World, but he came back with a letter from the Dalai-Lama of Lhassa.  The Baron sent him a second time;  he never came back…”


To be continued.