Ferdinand Ossendowski

Prince Chultun-Beyli added:

“This Kingdom is Agharti.  It extends throughout all of the underground passages of the entire World.  I heard a Chinese Lama scholar say to the Bogdo-Khan that all the subterranean caverns of America are inhabited by the Ancient People which disappeared underground.  One still finds their traces on the surface of the countryside.  These peoples and these subterranean spaces are governed by chiefs who recognize the sovereignty of the King of the World.  There is nothing very marvellous in this.  You know that in the two biggest oceans of the East and of the West there were two continents in former days.  They disappeared under the waters, but their inhabitants passed into the Underground Kingdom.  The deep caverns are lit by a particular light which allows cereals and vegetals to grow and gives the people a long life without illnesses.  There exist numerous peoples, numerous tribes.  An old Buddhist Brahman from Nepal was accomplishing the will of the gods by making a visit to the ancient kingdom of Gengis, Siam, when he met a fisherman who ordered him to get into his boat and to sail with him over the sea.  On the third day, they arrived at an island where there lived a race of men having two tongues which could speak separately different languages.  They showed him curious animals, tortoises with sixteen legs and only one eye, enormous serpents whose flesh was savoury, birds with teeth who caught fish for their masters out at sea.  These people told him that they had come from the Underground Kingdom and described certain regions to him.”

Lama Turgut, who made the voyage from Urga to Peking with me, gave me other details.

Mountains in Tibet where the secret entrance to Agarttha is said to be.

“The capital of Agharti is surrounded by cities where High Priests and scholars live.  It recalls Lhassa where the Palace of the Dalai-Lama, the Potala, is found at the summit of a mountain covered with temples and monasteries.  The throne of the King of the World is surrounded by two million incarnated gods.  These are the Holy Panditas.  [The highest grade among the Buddhist monks.]  The Palace itself is surrounded by the palaces of the Goros who possess all the visible and invisible forces of the land, of Hell and of the sky, and who are able to do anything for the life and death of men.  If our foolish Humanity begins a war against them, they would be capable of blowing up the surface of our planet, of transforming it into deserts.  They can dry up the seas, change the continents into oceans and spread the mountains amongst the sands of the desert.  At their command, trees, grasses and bushes begin to grow;  old and feeble men become young and vigorous and the dead resuscitate.  In strange chariots, unknown to us, they cover at high speed the narrow corridors inside our planet.  A few Brahmans from India and some Dalai-Lamas from Tibet having succeeded in climbing the mountain peaks where no other human foot has ever stepped, found there some inscriptions carved into the rock, foot-prints in the snow and marks left by carriage wheels.  The Blessed Cakia-Muni found, at the summit of a mountain, stone tablets bearing words that he only succeeded in understanding at an advanced age, and penetrated afterwards into the Kingdom of Agharti whence he brought back scraps of sacred knowledge that his memory had conserved.  It is there, in the marvellous crystal palaces, that the invisible chiefs of the faithful live:  the King of the World, Brahytma, who can talk to God just like I’m talking to you, and his two assistants, Mahytma, who knows the events of the future, and Mahynga, who directs the causes of these events.”

The Holy Panditas study the world and its forces.  Sometimes the wisest of them meet and send delegates to the place where human eyes have never penetrated.  This is described by the Tashi-Lama who lived eight hundred and fifty years ago.  The highest Panditas, one hand on the eyes and the other at the base of the brain of younger priests, put them into a deep sleep, wash their bodies with an infusion of plants, immunise them against pain by making them as hard as stone, envelop them in magical bandelettes, then begin to pray to the powerful God.  The young men, petrified, lying down, eyes open and ears attentive, see, hear and remember everything.  After that, a Goro [High Priest of the King of the World] approaches and fixes a long gaze on them.  Slowly the bodies rise from the ground and disappear.  The Goro remains seated, his eyes fixed on the place where he has sent them.  Invisible strings attach them to his will, a few of them travel among the stars, observing events, unknown people, life and laws.  They listen there to conversations, read books, know the fortunes and the miseries, the sanctity and the sins, the piety and the vice…  A few of them mix with flame, see the fire creature, lively and ferocious, combating relentlessly, melting and hammering metals in the depths of the planets, making the water of the geysers and thermal sources boil;  making rocks melt and pouring waves in fusion over the surface of the Earth, through the orifices of the mountains.  Others rush with the creatures of the air, infinitely small, evanescent and transparent, penetrating the mysteries and the goal of their existence.  Others slip right into the depths of the sea and observe the kingdom of the wise creatures of the water who transport and spread the good warmth over all the Earth, governing the winds, the waves and the storms.  At the monastery of Erdeni Dzu there lived in former times Pandita Hutuktu who came from Agharti.  While dying, he spoke of the time when he lived, by the will of the Goro, on a red star in the East, where he floated on the ocean covered in ice and flew among the raging fires which burned in the depths of the Earth.

Such are the stories that I heard being told in the yurtas of the princes and in the lamaist monasteries.  The tone used to tell me this tale forbade me to show the slightest doubt.



To be continued.