This soldier has just been killed. According to spiritists, he will think that he is still alive for a little while.

Message from a New Zealander

You don’t know my family, they are faraway and could never understand.  I belong to the Colonial Troops and my name is Simson.  I come from New Zealand.  I was part of the losses suffered in Greece.  I should go back home now, but I can’t abandon my mates.  I could go as fast as thought itself, and come back just as rapidly, but time doesn’t matter any more now.  And if I let the contact that I have with the boys unravel, it would be difficult to find it again.  I have the feeling that we can do something here and now, and if this feeling is right, we must continue to fight.

Who is “living”, who is “dead”?  I don’t really know.  We look so much alike.  Except that the “dead” are much more energetic and don’t get tired.  My parents would not understand how much more alive I feel now.  Therefore, it’s not worth trying to tell them.

I am still doing the same work, under the orders of the same officer, and with a lot of my former mates;  we work for others, particularly while they sleep.  We sometimes lead raids against regiments of “dead” enemies, using the weapons of thought!  It’s a fantastic game.  We can do almost anything now.  The most extraordinary thing is that we are all happy.  On Earth, I wasn’t particularly good at being happy.  More than others, I worried, was tormented and inclined to boredom.  Here on the other hand, there is an easygoing atmosphere, and we haven’t time any more to get bored.  To have left my body therefore can’t give birth to any nostalgia for me.  I just stay here, that’s all.  Our boys, all of our boys are happy, too.  And the others are going through so many difficulties that it’s our duty to support them.



Can we help you?  Do you need our help?


Yes, we do.  It helps me considerably, it gives me more energy to get closer to my mates.  It would be even better if you could also talk to the others.  You give us confidence in ourselves.  It is most often impossible to see the result of our work.  Now I can see and feel your reactions, and, just like you, I suppose, this makes the work tangible.  It’s a result.  I think that’s all for the moment.  Good night.


Message from a Norwegian

Thank you.  Speaking to you seems funny to me, but it’s fairly easy.  I’m not English, not even British.  I’m Norwegian.  I lived in England for years, and I speak your language just as well as my own.

I was killed by the Germans at Trondheim.  I was a shopkeeper;  they fired on me.  I don’t like the Germans.  I could never like them;  and I am kept here by my hate.  I’m unable to rid myself of it.  Their acts of wanton cruelty still put me in such anger when I think about it, that I can’t free myself from it.  I beg you to help me;  your father led me to you so that I can get closer to it.  He tells me that I must forgive the Nazis, that they don’t know what they are doing, that they are like somnambulists;  and that as long as I haven’t forgiven them, I cannot free myself, and leave this inferior layer, so close to the Earth.

Here, everything that happens to you, you feel it more strongly, and we more and more execrate the German race.  When they join us in the astral body, they seem to us to be worse enemies than during our terrestrial lives.  It’s awful, this anger from which we cannot free ourselves.  Give me tranquillity and let me sleep.  I want to sleep and forget.  That would allow me to have a more equitable judgement and manage to forgive them.

I understand why Christ so quickly gave his forgiveness to everybody before leaving the Earth.  I see why and how much this is necessary, and with your father’s help and this contact with you, I should be able to escape.


Message from a Scot captured in Crete

It’s true, I was in Crete.  I come from the Highlands.  I was in the Navy and I stayed in Crete with others who couldn’t be embarked.  I saw the ships leave and I understood that it was useless for us to hope to escape.  That was one of the worst moments.  I was wounded in the shoulder, and I could do nothing else but allow myself to be captured.  They put me on a stretcher, and took me to hospital.  All they did for me, was give me a bed.  My wound got infected and became very painful.  I suppose that I was delirious.  They asked me questions, but I don’t think that they did anything at all for me;  perhaps they couldn’t do anything.  I don’t know.  Anyway, after having suffered interminably, I apparently sank into absolute sleep.  When I awoke, the pain had disappeared and I was outside.  I therefore thought that I had escaped, and I walked around, happy to be free, but incapable of understanding what had happened.  I couldn’t manage to walk properly.  I couldn’t keep my feet on the ground.  I was in a sort of fog.  I saw a place and people, and then, suddenly, everything changed.  I thought I was still delirious.  Now I know that I was seeing two layers at the same time.  I still hadn’t learnt to master my spiritual body.  Everything worried me.  Despair was creeping over me.  People approached me to help me, and when we started to understand each other, I had the urge to hide from the Germans.  It felt like torture.  And then people managed to join me, and I was able to sleep – the real sleep of the dead – the extinction of our life and the birth of another.  I don’t know much about it, but this life appears so natural, that I’m in a hurry to communicate with you to test my power in the physical milieu before returning to help those who have suffered like me.  I know that it’s possible and I don’t want to waste time.  It’s marvellous to discover that nothing has been spoilt.  I have all the capacities that I had dreamed of possessing on Earth.  It’s marvellous.  Good night.


To be continued.