Frederic II of Prussia.

This is a true story.  An English doctor, at the end of the XIXth Century, studied this case and published documents dating from the XVIIIth Century proving that the whole village of Quarrey saw the bizarre manifestation which unfolded in the Presbytery.


The prodigies that we have mentioned continued for a few months.  And Frederic the Great, the Philosopher King, Voltaire’s friend, took the thing so seriously that he ordered that the Presbytery be levelled and the curate’s furniture burnt.  The masons came, demolished everything, then burned it, to the great despair of the poor curate who saw himself thrown into the street.  But Frederic the Great had also given the order to build a new Presbytery in another street of the village.  Father Hartmann settled himself into it…


In this little Prussian town called Quarrey, strange things occurred in 1762.

There were no more manifestations in the new house and the good priest was able to hire a servant without fearing the too faithful and too irascible Angelica…


Gendarmerie Commander Tizane, speaking of cases of haunting that he has observed over thirty years of his career, writes that it all happens

“as if an invisible power, intelligent, malicious, very skilful, endowed with presence of mind and sometimes responding to the witnesses’ wishes, manifested itself from time to time”.

This unknown power can also show jealousy, anger or slyness…


Gendarmerie Commander Emile Tizane studied thousands of cases of haunting over his thirty-year career.

In his work Les Maisons hantees, Camille Flammarion reports several rather troubling cases of haunting where ghosts cease to exist – it could be said – when the house that shelters them is demolished.  And he writes:

“Couldn’t we suppose that the living leave behind them certain reliquats of power, of vital fluid, impregnated in the apartment, which, at the contact of the effective presence of a sensitive person, can suffer a revitalisation susceptible of producing these strange phenomena?”

He adds further on:

“Could certain haunting phenomena come from the habitations?  Could the walls, the furniture of a house be impregnated with vibrations and present to sensitive people a special ambience, as psychometry teaches?  Dr Luys has more than once affirmed it to me at the Hopital de la Charite where I saw his experiments, and Pr d’Arsonval appears to admit this hypothesis…”


Since 1880, the ghost of a nun and a howling dog can be met in the Borley Presbytery in England.