Wolf Messing.

Less than ten years after Vassiliev’s 1960 speech to a gathering of the greatest Soviet scholars, Edward Naumov, a Moscow biologist, took the torch from Vassiliev’s hands, and with the help of the Bulgarians and the Czechs, began to study, not only telepathy, but also the baguette of water sourcers, extra-retinian vision, human “aura” photography…


The human body, like that of all other animals and plants, emits rays about which mediums have been talking for a long time.  But it was the Russian researchers who found the irrefutable evidence of this.  In this domain, one name detaches itself from the firmament of the Russian pioneers of ESP.  It is that of Kirlian, who, for forty years, photographed plants, or rather the multicoloured, luminous forms which they emit, and which persist and are registered on the photographic film in their entirety, even after a leaf has been cut from them.  The human body emits rays which are particularly brilliant at the acupuncture points.  With the aim of denying all transcendance, the Russian researchers tried to demonstrate that these luminescences are at the origin of miraculous healings.  Above all, they wanted to make progress in the study of the “second body”, the energy-body which, according to them, is not a simple radiance, but a double which reflects all of the organism’s troubles, and doubtless also explains telekinesis:  when Kirlian became irritated while trying to adjust the focus of a shot, the photo would each time be misty and chaotic…  The Russians started studying “the Kirlian effect” to diagnose illness, notably cancer.

But what interested them above all, was psychokinesis which is the psychic faculty of making objects move without the intervention of any outside force.


It is evident that the exploration of the paranormal was a stake in the game between East and West.  Anyway, the Russians saw it like that.  Let us look back at something which made news headlines in West Germany in the seventies…  Annemarie, a lawyer’s frail secretary in Rosenheim, was able to make 350 kilo filing cabinets waltz around, simply by entering an office…  This fairly common case of Poltergeist, or the deplacement of objects without physical contact, gave birth to “the Rosenheim case”, which has been scientifically studied like no other case of “haunting” has ever been.

Annemarie was also able to mess up telephones and make electric light bulbs explode.  As for Uri Geller, in 1972, he was able to blow up the amplifiers which were registering his psychokinetic faculties, by his willpower alone.

Imagine for a moment that this paranormal faculty can be learnt, as the Russians were trying to determine…  Imagine Annemarie or Uri in a missile base, or simply in the distribution centre of the energy of a capital city…  It is then easier to understand this remark from an American parapsychologist:

“Psychokinesis could one day become the absolute weapon… “


Will the ultimate weapon be telepathy?  We only know that the question has been studied by those in a position to make it happen, and that they were actively engaged in trying to find out how telepath’s minds work, and in a more general way, how the mind is able to act on matter…  Are they still doing it?  And why does Man want to use his creative powers for destruction?  Will we never learn?