Emile Coue.

Words have an extraordinary action.  And if a particular formula to be repeated exists for each pain, each action, each state (it’s going away, I’m cured, I digest well, I’m happy, I can walk, I have no reason to be shy, etc.) the key sentence which must be said in a continuous murmur is:

“Every day, in every way, I am getting better and better.”

Emile Coue affirms that this sentence is sufficient to heal any lesion, any phobia, any dysfunctional organ, as the Subconscious knows how to choose on its own what type of action it needs to exercise.


English caricature of Emile Coue which appeared in the "Passing Show", in 1924.

For example, to go to sleep, you must avoid saying “I want to go to sleep”I want doesn’t work because your Will has no power in this domain.  On the other hand, I can sleep, convinces your Subconscious, which then does what is necessary.


Lots of things can be cured by this method.  Neurasthenia, stammering, phobias, certain paralyses, fibromes, haemorrhages, asthma, enteritis, certain lesions, gout, eczema, warts, certain heart diseases, varicose ulcers, rheumatisms, depressions, Pott’s disease, etc.  Some of these illnesses, according to the disciples of Emile Coue, are also due, most of the time, to the action of unconscious autosuggestion.  Saying or believing oneself to be ill, effectively causes illness.  And, according to Emile Coue himself:

“Each of our thoughts, good or bad, are concretised, materialised, become, in a word, a reality in the domain of possibility.”

To say to oneself:  “I hope that I don’t have a migraine”, is the same as saying:  I will have a migraine!”.  Everything feared is immediately imagined, therefore presented as acceptable to the Subconscious.


French cartoon by Dorville, inspired by Marco Rizzi, mocking one of Emile Coue's basic formulae, "It's passing", meaning that it's going away (for pain).

The Coue Method can be used in domains other than pathology.  It can help to make disappear faults and vices like alcoholism, sloth, gluttony, shyness, kleptomania, violence, toxicomania, etc.  In this case, the disciples of Emile Coue use suggestion under hypnosis.  It can also be practised by anyone, during natural sleep.  It’s very simple:  You penetrate the bedroom where the person on whom you want the suggestion to act is sleeping, being careful not to wake him or her.  Then, placing yourself one metre from the bed, you repeat fifteen to twenty times, in a murmur, all of things that your want for him or her.  You can, for example, help a child in his schoolwork, act on his application, on his conduct, etc.  The extraordinary results obtained by suggestion during sleep are fairly easy to understand.  At this moment, the body and the conscious part of the individual are resting:  they are sort of annihilated;  but the Subconscious is awake.  It is therefore the Subconscious alone that you are addressing and, as we know that it is very credulous, it accepts everything said to it.

The Americans even successfully use suggestion recorded on CDs or tapes.  Naturally, the person treated like this, must not know about it, so that his Will does not handicap the action of his Subconscious.


It can easily be seen that this process is very dangerous, for it is a double-edged sword.  If we can remove vices, we can also make someone nasty, miserly, addicted to drugs, naive, amorous…

Words have an extraordinary, mysterious and terrifying power.  A power feared by monks who make a vow of silence, known to the people of Antiquity who practised the magic of incantation, domesticated by a few men to whom we give the title of Prophet or Saint, exploited by those sorcerers’ apprentices that are our politicians and radio and television advertisers, used, not always very effectively, by hypnotisers, psychotherapists, Coueists and sophrologists.  In short, a power so great that, one day, one word was sufficient for Lazarus to come forth from his tomb and that, surging from the uncreated, there was light…


The famous Swiss psychiatrist, Doctor Schultz, invented a treatment inspired by the Coue Method.  It’s the famous method of auto-hypnosis called autogenous training, which is applied today throughout the whole world.

It’s a treatment by concentrative auto-decontraction.  But, to arrive at the desired muscular relaxation, the patient must repeat formulae like:  “I am calm, I am completely calm”.  To combat cardiac arythmias or attacks of tachycardia, it is recommended that the patient repeat:  “My heart is beating calmly, my heart is beating calmly”.  This psychotherapeutic method is used with success in cases of vascular troubles, cardiac troubles, arterial hypertension, bronchial asthma, functional perturbations of the digestive apparatus, depression, anguish, neurosis, etc.  In the countries of Eastern Europe, principally in the former USSR, autogenous training was used to form champions…  The results in the Olympic Games regularly proved the efficacity of this method.


On the other hand, in the country of Emile Coue’s birth, the country in which he lived, worked, studied, and created his world-renowned Method, the people of France continue to reason with Descartes and sneer with Voltaire…