One day in May 1956, a couple come to consult Maitre Holkar about the purchase of a hotel.  The clairvoyant looks at his visitors for a few seconds and says:

“You are going to be very lucky next month on 25 June.”

The man and the woman smile and declare that it is precisely on that day that they are to sign the purchase contract…  A few weeks pass and, on the evening of 25 June, Me Holkar receives a telephone call from a woman:

“Monsieur, I am the lady who came to see you with her husband about a hotel…  I am calling you to tell you that you are a sinister charlatan…  You announced great luck for us on the 25 June, that is to say, today.  Well, a little while ago, Monsieur, my husband had a serious car accident…  That’s all I have to say to you…”

And she hangs up.  Me Holkar is both unhappy to hear this news and astounded for, when his visitors had come to consult him, he had “seen” luck on them, extraordinary luck for the date of 25 June…

Then, the following evening, he receives another telephone call from the same lady who, this time, is crying:

“Oh, Maitre Holkar, I beg your pardon!  Forgive me for what I said to you yesterday…  You were right…  Have you read the newspapers this evening?”

Me Holkar had not.

“Well, the aeroplane Paris-Copenhagen crashed this afternoon…  There are no survivors…  And, if my husband had not had his accident yesterday, we would have been on this aeroplane…  The 25 June was in fact an extraordinarily lucky day for us, just like you saw…”


Clairvoyants make mistakes.  For the great ones, these mistakes are mostly errors of interpretation.  For example:  One evening, during a public seance, the clairvoyant Angeline Hubert, who had “seen”, among other things, the death of Marcel Cerdan, suddenly sees the Notre-Dame parvis smashed up.  In its centre is an enormous crater.  Immediately, she tells her public of her vision and declares that it is a hole made by a bombardment.  Everyone thinks fearfully of an approaching war.  As well as this, Angeline Hubert adds that she feels an anguish provoked by the presence of the Hotel-Dieu on the edge of the hole in the Notre-Dame parvis…

The public naturally concludes that the Hotel-Dieu is going to collapse and everyone returns home with their minds full of apocalyptic visions…

And, one year later, the clairvoyant is going to the Hotel-Dieu where her secretary has just died, when she sees the Notre-Dame parvis all smashed up…  She then realises that the vision that she had had, which was correct, had nothing to do with a bombardment, but was due to the work being undertaken for the creation of an underground parking lot…

She had therefore correctly seen an event situated in the future – which confirms her claivoyancy gifts – but she hadn’t known how to interpret it.

Another mistake of the same kind:  one day, Catherine Gris sees General de Gaulle making an impromptu and rapid voyage to the United States.  Voyage dictated, it seemed to her, by dramatic circumstances connected to the Kennedys.

As the Kennedys were precisely supposed to come to France to visit General de Gaulle, she thinks that her vision is wrong and, thinking to do the right thing, she corrects it…  And she announces to her entourage that the Kennedys are going to come to Paris after a dramatic event…

And, one month later, John Kennedy is assassinated and General de Gaulle goes to the United States for the funeral…

This same Catherine Gris had made a prediction to Madame Dignimont, the painter’s wife, which was very much discussed at the time.  It took place in 1944, at the Liberation of Paris.  On 20 August, Catherine Gris says to Mme Dignimont:

“Watch out for your right hand!…”

She had just felt a violent burning on her finger, while looking at her friend.

The next day, the painter’s wife, who was watching the street fighting from her window, had her finger cut by a German bullet…


Getting back to errors of interpretation, they are a proof of the clairvoyants’ honesty, a proof of their gifts and a proof of their limitations…  As Doctor Richet used to say:

“It all happens as if these clairvoyants possessed a sort of extra gland in their brains permitting them to receive by intermittance, and without the help of their willpower, images from the past and from the future…  Images of great clarity, but to which they are unfortunately not always capable of giving a sense…”

This is where, outside the supranormal phenomenon, human error intervenes…  Let us take another example.  One day, the clairvoyant France Marquer – who had seen and predicted, among other things, the edification of the Berlin Wall, the Battle of Dien Bien Phu and the Sicilian earthquake – receives a young woman who had not given her name when she made her appointment by telephone – which often happens.

At the beginning of the conversation, France Marquer says to her visitor:

“You are the mistress of a fallen monarch who will soon die with his face in his caviar…”

And she adds:

“This will happen in a restaurant in the Ile-de-France region…”

It was then November 1964.  At the end of March the following year, King Farouk died during a dinner in a Roman restaurant whose name was “A l’Ile-de-France”…

Another example:  one day, Francoise Robin, who had “seen”, among other things, the Israel War and the death of Martine Carol, receives Georges Guetary, who is then at the beginning of his career.  She sees the shadow of death on the aeroplane that he has to take to go to sing in Greece.  She tells him not to take that aeroplane because it is going to crash.  Georges tells her that he has to go because if he doesn’t, he will have to pay the cancellation fee written into his contract.

Two days later, he takes the aeroplane and lands with no problems in Athens.

But, that same evening, he learns that the aeroplane, which had taken off again from Greece, had crashed in Turkey, one hour later, with no survivors…

To be continued.