Adrienne Bolland

At this time, in 1921, there were still many spiritist groups in the whole of South America, just as there are still a lot in Brazil today.


Louis Pauwels thinks that the medium of this spiritist group really had a vision of the route to follow in the Andes.  Someone who is a bit forgotten today, Doctor Osty, the true creator of parapsychology, who has studied mediums a lot, has found numerous cases of this type of voyancy.  Before the First World War, there were a quantity of mediums who, without forseeing the war at all, had seen piles of cadavers in man-made galleries dug underground.  They described very exactly certain trench networks, sapping and mining works.

Adrienne Bolland once managed to land at Le Bourget in spite of a broken rudder cable.

At the end of the XIXth Century and the beginning of the XXth Century, there was an abundance of great mediums, whereas today, a lot fewer are to be found.  This has nothing to do with scientific improvements in the means of detecting fraud.  The greatest scholars of the end of the XIXth Century submitted certain mediums to experiments of such rigour that all possiblity of fraud was excluded.  They observed some stupefying things.  It is therefore not a question of increased severity in testing.  For the moment, it is inexplicable.

Doctor Osty has also noticed that the closer the voyancy is situated in time, the closer it is to reality.  Today, there do not appear to be any cases of voyancy with an important time difference.  In the case of Adrienne Bolland, it was a voyancy forseeing at a distance of forty-eight hours.


In aviation annals, there is another case, bearing, however, on a past event this time.  On 5 October 1930, an enormous English dirigible, also known as an airship, the R 101, piloted by Lieutenant Irwin, crashes in the Oise.  The mastodon’s smoking wreckage contains forty-eight cadavers, including that of the English Minister for Air Transport, Lord Thomson.

On 7 October, a London medium claims that she has received a message, dictated by the spirit of Lieutenant Irwin.  It is not important to know if it really is the “spirit” of Lieutenant Carmichael Irwin.  The medium, Miss Eileen Garrett, sees the catastrophe taking place as soon as she enters into a trance.  She furnishes the British Air Ministry with an extremely precise and detailed technical report on the causes of the accident and the local piloting conditions of the dirigible.  The experts, who read this report, do not believe their eyes:  the abundance of technical details is such, the relation of the diverse phases of the catastrophe so realistic and so precise, that only a specialist of this type of machine could have given them.  This was not the case for the witnesses to the seance, Mr Price, Director of the National Laboratory of Psychic Research, his assistant, Mr Coster and the stenographer, who assured the transcription of the seance, Miss Beenham.  Neither of course was it the case for Miss Eileen Garrett, a very well-known medium of the time.


There are three explanations possible:  firstly, it is a communication with the spirit of the dead Lieutenant Irwin.  Louis Pauwels does not think that it is.  Secondly, it is a telepathic connection with the Lieutenant’s conscience at the moment of the accident;  the phenomenon occurring two days later, this is very difficult to admit.

Louis Pauwels thinks that there could be a third explanation, which must be the right one, but which has not yet been found.  He is sure that it exists, but, to get it, we must await new progress in parapsychology, combined with progress in Science itself.  Notably in the domain of Space and Time, whose traditional relations are at the moment being attacked by part of the scientific world.  They are not so sure that the cohabitation of Space and Time, its concomitance or its simultaneousness during a given event, are as absolute as the traditional theories would have us believe…  It is the possible lag between these two fundamental concepts of knowledge, that would allow certain subjects with paranormal gifts, to slip into the past or the future…