Michel de Nostre-Dame, known as Nostradamus, painted by his son Cesar.

Since God’s secret plans are inaccessible to men, the effects flowing from their accomplishment cover a duration much superior to that of the natural knowledge that Man can acquire.

The acquisition of knowledge by Man is a manifestation of his free will and it is clear that the intellectual perception of future events cannot be acquired by presages or flow from the use of occult sciences practices.  It is the same for the events which must occur in the present time, as they are inscribed in eternity which englobes all sorts of time lengths.

But if, after the ecstasy of inspiration, this inspiration is considered as an inseparable fraction of that eternity in the movement of the stars, then the causes and the effects of the events are included in the knowledge of the celestial movements.

I do not say, my dear son, and you must understand me well, that the knowledge of this matter (astrology) cannot be absorbed by your intelligence and that the causes of events in the distant future cannot be understood by a rational mind.  But, defined more simply, this knowledge is nothing more than a creation of the mind based on facts from the present projected toward a faraway future, when they are neither too dissimulated, nor too secret.

One cannot apprehend the future without the inspiration that comes from God for all prophetic inspiration receives its substance from God, our Creator.  It is also subordinated to the presence of favourable dispositions in the soul and depends on the planetary influences received.  So, one or the other of these three independant elements being, or not being assembled, the presage occurs, or is only partly accomplished.

For the comprehension which comes from man’s intelligence and willpower can only arrive at hidden facts through the intermediary of the voice which comes from Limbo, with the help of the flame which permits the knowledge of the sense in which the future events will evolve.

I therefore beg you, my dear son, never to employ your intelligence in such vain works and in the pursuit of dreams which drain the body, lead the soul to its downfall and ruin weakened senses.

The vanity of this execrable magic has already been stigmatised in the Holy Scriptures and by the laws of God’s Church which, however, have admitted an exception for the deductions of astrological science, thanks to which, after long calculations and guided by divine inspiration, I have been able to draw up the present collection of prophecies.

Even though occult philosophy has never been banned, I have not wanted to report the scandalous propositions contained in numerous works kept in the shadows for centuries and which have come into my possession.  Knowing the use which could be made of them by others than myself, I have judged good, after having read them, to deliver them to Vulcan’s fire.

And while the fire was devouring them, the flame which was dancing in the air had an unusual brightness, much superior to that of a normal flame.  As fulgurant as a lightning flash, it suddenly illuminated the whole house as if the house had been plunged without warning into a flaming grate.

And so that, in the future, no-one can abusively use such works with the aim of observing the complete transformation undergone by the moon and the sun, incorruptible metals, on the earth, as well as hidden waters, under the earth, I have decided to reduce them to ashes.

As for supernatural inspiration, I can declare this to you:  that through it one can have knowledge of future events without one being able to accuse the fantasies of imagination.  The places indicated are in accordance, anyway, with that which is told us on the position of the stars.  And this vision in time holds a truth hidden from us which is the simultaneous presence in eternity of the past, the present and the future.  So, my son, you can easily understand, in spite of your young brain, that events to come can be seen and predicted thanks to nocturnal illuminations which have come from the firmament and give a prophetic mind.  Not that I want to give myself the title of prophet nor attribute to myself the prerogatives which are attached to it, but I receive inspiration as a mortal man whose senses are no farther removed from the sky than his feet are from the earth, I can therefore not make an error or a mistake.  Of course, I am as great a sinner as anyone else in this world and subject to all human miseries.

But it has happened, sometimes for a whole week, that I have received the gift of inspiration which renders the study of the night delicious;  then, after long calculations, I have composed some prophecy works, grouping in connection with each one, one hundred astronomical quatrains containing predictions which I have voluntarily written in an obscure language and which refer to a period going from our time to the year 3797.  It is possible that certain people will shake their heads because of the extent in time of my prophecies.  However, all will come true during the reign of the Moon and all will be understood by the whole earth.  Yourself, my son, if you were to live to an age at which man naturally arrives, you would see, after having learnt to know your own personality through studying the sky at the moment of your birth, that you can predict future events.

If God Eternal is the only one to know the eternity of which he is himself the origin, I affirm that those to whom he permits, by the effect of his immense bounty, the explanation of which escapes us, to know the future by inspiring them lengthily and gently, those people are in measure to understand the two principal causes that the intelligence of the one who prophesies must absolutely assimilate.

To be continued.