Today, I might disappoint a few of my subscribers, and other regular visitors.  However, a new Canadian Email subscriber, who goes by the name of PJB, left a short, inspirational poem in the Comment section of my post entitled John of Jerusalem – Prophecy Number 40, and this has prompted me to post a poem of my own, which I wrote a few years ago in August 2002.  Thank you PJB.


Truth’s Light


The truth is within us but its light is blinding.

We keep our eyes closed while we search without finding

This elusive truth, in the dark we’ve created.


We trip over things without opening our eyes,

When gradual opening would acclimatize

Our vision to light and to all things related.


We continue to shuffle around in the dark:

Just collecting more bruises;  refusing the spark

Of truth that’s within us, as formerly stated.


The avoidance of obstacles, sparing us pain

(And the anguish that surges again and again)

Is certain improvement and should be updated.


We must open our eyes and start living in light.

All the shadows dissolving give us back our sight

And leave us in light, with the truth once more mated.


Our life can change now because all is not fated!