As I mentioned in a former post about the Kreativ Blogger Awards, the people who are nominated for the award have certain obligations.  There are seven of them.  I have not yet complied with all of them but I fully intend to do it.

The first obligation is to thank the person who gave it to you.  I have already done that.

The second obligation is to copy the logo and display it on your blog site.  I have done that too.  With difficulty, but I managed it in the end.

The third obligation is to add to your site a link to the blog of the person who gave it to you.  Roger’s Place was already listed in my Blogroll before I received the award from Roger, so I have also done that.

The fourth obligation is to name seven things about yourself that people might find interesting.

The fifth obligation is to name seven other Kreativ Bloggers.

The sixth obligation is to post links to the seven blogs which you have named.

The seventh obligation is to leave a comment on each of the blogs which you have named, to let them know that they have been named.

I appear to be up to the fourth obligation, so here goes:

1)  I was born in Sydney, Australia and spent the first twenty years of my life there, before marrying and moving to France for thirty-eight years.  I am now back in Australia.

2)  I have three children and five grandchildren.

3)  I have been on stage since the age of six.  I first appeared on television at the age of twelve (I think).  My one and only magazine cover was when I was sixteen.  I was a founding member of the Young Australian Ballet Company.  Warren de Maria was our star dancer.  He was fourteen, but looked twenty.

4)  I started writing poetry at the age of eleven.  My primary school teacher later gave me an exercise book to write down my poems.  Her name was Mrs Henricks (or Hendricks) mother of Olympic gold medallist swimmer Jon.  She brought his medals to school for us to see.  My poetry has won me a few awards, mostly in France.

5)  I have the honour of being first cousin, once removed, to the Olympic gold medallist swimmer Claire Dennis.  My grandfather (her uncle), a policeman, was one of her bodyguards when she came back from the Los Angeles Olympics.  The crowd mobbed her when she got off the ship.

6)  I was eleven (I think) when I had my first article published on the radio.  I later worked as correspondent for a French newspaper.  I had some short stories published by the London Evening News and one of my plays was performed by my own performing arts company in France.

7)  I have sung with a few bands in France, and did a cabaret act with my own songs.  I crossed the English Channel on the midnight ferry with Roger Glover who, for the uninitiated, plays bass guitar with Deep Purple.  His band had just broken up and he had not yet written Love is All which I always call The Butterfly BallDeep Purple has since re-formed, with Rog’ back on the bass.  We were the only two awake in our part of the ferry.  We sat on the floor and chatted about Life, each of us on opposite sides of a New Zealand couple fast asleep.  It was June, the ferry was packed, and I was on my way to a royal garden party at Buckingham Palace.  My hat was in a paper bag.  Dear Rog’ thought that I was “normal” and asked me a lot of questions about my life because he didn’t meet a lot of normal people, according to him.  I like to think that my answers might have contributed somewhat to Love is All.  Please don’t disillusion me, if you know that they didn’t.

Now, for the fifth obligation.

I do not yet have seven blogs to name.  I’m fussy.  However, I have a few ready.

The first one is Late Fruit.  Elaine writes about a lot of things connected with Art and Ageing (American spelling:  Aging).  This site is very interesting and informative.

The second one is Sandy Says.  It is written by a lady golden retriever, who talks about her canine friends and her Human, who is a writer.

The third one is Allan Takes Aim.  Don Allan is a columnist for a Canberra newspaper and writes about a lot of different subjects.  His work is amusing, although you may not always approve of what he says.

The fourth one is Single and Thirty-something (which does not have capital letters in the name on the site) and is perhaps a more classic blog.  However, it is well-written and often funny, and I think that she deserves a spot on my list.

I am still looking for the other three.

I have already posted links to these four blogs in my Blogroll, so the sixth condition has been done as far as they are concerned.

I am about to visit each of the sites which I have named to inform them of their nomination, thereby conforming with the seventh obligation.