Roger’s Place has done me the honour of naming me as a recipient of the prestigious Kreativ Blogger Award.  I have already thanked Roger on his site for deeming me worthy of it, and thank him again here.

There are certain obligations attached to this award – one of them being to display it on your blog site.  I have spent the last hour-and-a-half trying to do just that.

Roger was kind enough to give me advice on the subject, but my Theme does not have “copy image location” only “Copy”, which doesn’t work.  I am trying to go about it a different way.

So far, I have downloaded it onto my computer, and from the computer to this post.  I have carefully noted the Link URL in the hope that I might be able to use that to get the !#$%^&* IMAGE INTO MY SIDEBAR!  (Please excuse the language – it is starting to get to me.)

I am about to have another go at it, using the Link URL to the image which is now in my files – somewhere.

If, when you read this, there is still no image in my sidebar, please, please, please give me some advice.  Anyone.  I would really rather not destroy the computer.  I can’t afford another one.  Thank you.

IF I manage to get the image where I want it, I shall proceed to the other obligations attached to the award.  If not, I shall probably destroy something, then withdraw from the world for a few years.

I am supposed to stay away from stressful situations.  Is the fame and fortune which I am obviously going to earn from receiving this award, really worth it?


Well, that was easy.  Worked first go.  Just one teeny problem – the award image is there, but everything else has disappeared from my side-bar.  Back to the drawing-board.  But I’m not touching that image.


Got the Archives back.  I’ll see what else I can dig up.


This is going swimmingly.  Now have Latest Posts again – even managed to list fifteen instead of ten.  Things are really going well.


I’m exhausted.  I’ve put back the stuff that disappeared, added more things, removed some that I had added, moved from side-bar to footer, and from footer to side-bar.  I still have a lot of side-bar left to fill, but I don’t know what most of the other widgets are, so am leaving them alone.

I shall deal with other Kreativ Blogger conditions in between my next subjects.  I don’t want to lose any followers while I’m ungracefully floundering around WordPress.

Things will return to normal tomorrow.  I hope.