The Duke de Saint-Simon’s mission having ended, there is nothing left for him to do but to take his leave of the King and Queen of Spain.  Cordial words are exchanged on both sides.  The Duke retires, enchanted with the welcome reserved for him by the sovereigns.

It is a completely different story with the Princess of the Asturies, as Saint-Simon, himself, recounts it.  “She was under a dais, standing, the ladies on one side the Grandees on the other;  I made my three bows, then my compliment.  Then I stopped speaking, but in vain, for she did not answer a single word.  After a few moments of silence, I wanted to give her something to say, and I asked for her orders for the King, for the Infanta and for Madame, for Mr the Duke and Madame the Duchess d’Orleans.  She looked at me and let out a burp which echoed through the chamber.  My surprise was such that I remained stunned.  A second one rang out as loudly as the first.  I lost control and was unable to stop myself from laughing, and throwing glances to the right and to the left, I saw [them] all with their hands over their mouths and their shoulders going.  A third last one, louder again than the first two, sent all of the people present into disarray and myself fleeing with all who accompanied me, with bursts of laughter even greater because they were breaking the barrier that each was trying to put up against them.  All Spanish gravity was disconcerted;  all was destroyed;  each person overcome with laughter escaped however he could, without the Princess ever losing her seriousness, who did not speak with me another way.  We stopped in the following room to laugh at our ease and show our astonishment more freely.”

This will be the last official act of the Extraordinary Ambassador, the Duke de Saint-Simon.