Most women get urges to eat specific things at one time or another during their pregnancies.  Mine were for salty, deep-fried stuff, and salady things with vinaigrette dressing.

Some recorded envies do not run along the same lines.  Several medical writers tell of avidity for human flesh.  One doctor wrote of a lady who appreciated her husband’s blood.  She would gently cut him while he slept beside her, and suck the blood from the wounds.

Dr Pare mentions pregnant women eating plaster, ashes, garbage, charcoal, flour, salt, spices, and drinking pure vinegar. Plot gives an example of a woman gnawing and eating a mattress.

Another woman, aged thirty-two and married for ten years, developed a strong taste for charcoal.  She couldn’t get enough of it, and preferred charcoal made from hard wood.  It seemed to give her energy and cure a supposed dyspepsia.

Then there are the women who drink their own milk, which they express from their breasts.  Other women want very hotly spiced food, and are capable of eating a pound of pepper in a very short time.  The wife of a Hassfort-sur-le-Main farmer ate her husband’s excrements.

Sometimes, diverse emotions take over during pregnancy.  Some women become very sexual, others become very pious.  There are women who, when not pregnant, have a charming disposition, but become extremely irritable and bad-tempered when pregnant.

Does anyone know of any other strange envies or personality changes during pregnancy?