In the heart of the Year Thousand that comes after Year Thousand

Man will have learnt to give and to share

The bitter days of solitude will be gone

He will believe once more in the spirit

And the Barbarians will have acquired recognition.


But that will come after the war and the fires

That will spring up from the blackened ruins of the towers of Babel

And it will have taken an iron fist

For the disorder to be put in order and for man to find again the right path.


For the fourth time in these prophecies, John refers to the attacks of 11 September 2001.  He tells us that it is as a result of this event that an iron fist will bring back order to the world.

This attack is the detonator which introduces measures which will change the balance of the forces in play in today’s world, and will favorise the coming of the “Great Monarch”, or “Great Frightener”, of whom Nostradamus speaks.

This “monarch” is not necessarily one person;  it could be a dominant nation, which brings peace to the world.

Last prophecy tomorrow.