In the heart of the Year Thousand that comes after Year Thousand

Each person will be like a measured footstep

They will know everything about the world and about their bodies

They will cure illness before it appears

Each person will be healer of himself and of the others.


They will have understood that you have to help to be able to maintain

And man, after the times of narrow-mindedness and of avarice,

Will open his heart and his purse to the poorest

He will feel himself to be a knight of the human order

And in this way a new time will at last begin.


We shall know all about the world and our bodies, so we shall be able to prevent illness.  We shall be able to heal ourselves if we do become ill, and we shall be able to heal others too.

It has always been possible to heal ourselves and to heal others, although, strictly speaking, we do not “heal” others;  they heal themselves.  We can kick-start the healing process in other people, but the actual “healing” can only be done by themselves.

This is perhaps not the place to enter into details, but I, myself, have had some small experience of helping people and animals to heal themselves.  Anyone can do it.  There are different ways of going about it.  The way in which I feel the most comfortable is by “plugging in” to the energy floating about in the air.

I am not a physicist, so cannot explain it in scientific terms.  However, I believe that this energy is a form of electricity.  The same sort that flows through our bodies and through everything on Earth.  What I do, is to use my body as a sort of lightning rod, fill up with this energy, then project it through my hands to the body in need of it.

It is illegal in most Western countries to do this sort of thing with humans if you do not have a medical degree, which I haven’t, so I have only practised directly on animals.  However, it is also possible to do the same thing at a distance, and without the knowledge of the human receiving the help.

I find it very contradictory that you are not allowed to help someone to heal, but that you can also be legally charged with non-assistance to a person in danger, if you don’t help him.  However, at the moment, it is best to keep any assistance secret.

John tells us that the time will come when men’s minds will be opened and that this sort of thing will be understood and accepted generally.  Then, those who practise it, will be able to do it openly, instead of having to hide.

The main reason for it being illegal, is financial.  Doctors spend long, difficult and expensive years getting their degrees, and do not appreciate “uneducated” people helping some of their medical failures to get better, free-of-charge.

It is unfortunate that our modern Western doctors are not taught any of the “alternative” techniques of helping others to heal.  Surgery has its place, but does not need to be used nearly as often as it is.  Chemicals should be only a last resort treatment, when there is no natural remedy available.

John is telling us that these problems will be resolved in the future.  He also tells us that men and countries will start to share their riches with the poorest among us, and that each of us will feel himself to be in charge of protecting others, like a knight of the human order.

Thirty-ninth prophecy tomorrow.