In the heart of the Year Thousand that comes after Year Thousand

Man will no longer be the only ruler for woman will come and seize the sceptre

She will be the great mistress of the future times

And that which she thinks, she will impose on men

She will be the mother of this Year Thousand that comes after Year Thousand

She will spread the warm softness of the sea after the days of the Devil

She will be beauty after the ugliness of the barbarous times

The Year Thousand that comes after Year Thousand will change into a gentle time

People will love and they will share

They will dream and they will give birth to the dreams.


This prophecy is about a normal evolutionary cycle.  Humanity has previously known periods of feminine domination.  Numerous societies have functioned under the rule of women, and there are tribes today where the matriarcat is still the rule.  A great number of other animal societies are matriarcal.

In Europe, female regents, mothers, wives or mistresses have often weighed heavily on the course of History, even when the ruler was officially male.  It wasn’t until Napoleon started invading countries and structuring the post-French Revolutionary period with the Code Napoleon, that women were deprived of all the rights and responsiblities which they had enjoyed for centuries, and which were only gradually returned to them over the course of the twentieth century.

In other parts of the world, women are still sometimes considered as little more than cattle.

John speaks of feminine softness and gentleness, which is the traditional image of the “eternal woman”.  It is true that women have greater sensitivity than men and, usually, conciliatory talents absent in a lot of males.  At the same time, they have proven that they know how to govern with a strong hand.

John’s vision probably reflects a time when power and domination will no longer be the ruling values of our societies.  Mutual understanding, sharing, conciliation will take over in a time when humanity will no longer need war lords, and when gentleness and beauty will reign.

Thirty-sixth prophecy tomorrow.