In the heart of the Year Thousand that comes after Year Thousand

Man will know what the spirit of all things is

The stone or the water, the body of the animal or the gaze of others

He will have pierced the secrets that the ancient Gods possessed

And he will open door after door in the labyrinth of the new life.


He will create with the gushing power of a water source

He will teach the knowledge to the multitude of men

And the children will know more about the earth and the sky than anyone before them

And Man’s body will be bigger and skilful

And his mind will have embraced all things and will have understood them.


This prophecy appears to tell us that we will know everything about everything.  Really.  We won’t just think that we do.  We will pass this knowledge to everyone.  It will no longer be limited to specialists, or kept secret by individual countries.  All humans will have access to it.

When?  90% of today’s knowledge is connected to the twentieth century.  The acceleration of knowledge had reached the point, in the year 2000, of doubling every seven years.  It was estimated then that, if discoveries continued at the same rate, they would double, in 2050, every two hours.

Total knowledge and understanding are accessible to us if we can just stop thinking of everything in terms of financial gain.  Once we get over this obsession with money, we will free ourselves to pursue the right paths to absolute knowledge.

So, once again, when will this happen?  Saint John speaks of a very troubled period at the beginning of the third millenium, but announces the beginning of the Golden Age after 2020.

Saint Remy also speaks of a religious and monarchical Parousia around 2020, which seems to agree with the prediction of the coming of the Great Monarch, great pacifier, announced fairly clearly by Nostradamus.

Saint Malachie predicts the end of the Roman Catholic Popes around 2026, but not the disappearance of faith, which will become ecumenical.

Nostradamus puts the Golden Age between 2030 and 2050.

All of these prophecies seem to agree, give or take a few years, which would indicate that 2020 might be some sort of key year for opening our access to better times.

Thirty-fifth prophecy tomorrow.