In the heart of the Year Thousand that comes after Year Thousand

Man will have conquered the sky

He will create stars in the great dark blue sea

And he will navigate on this shining ship

New Ulysses, companion of the sun,  for the celestial Odyssey.


But he will also be the ruler of the water

He will have built great nautical cities

Which will be fed by sea crops

He will live like this in every part of the great domain

And nothing will be forbidden him.


Here, John speaks of space travel and of the creation of spaceships navigating the sea of space.

The Odyssey is an epic poem by Homer which describes the adventures of Ulysses on his journey home from Troy.  It is a coded story incorporating vital navigational information for the merchant seamen of the day.

Sea routes were precious and were kept secret because they were the source of riches for those knowing how to get safely from one place to another, while carrying valuable merchandise.  The Odyssey contains this knowledge, handed down in an entertaining narrative form, and hidden in plain sight.

After space, John speaks of Man taking over the seas and building great nautical cities.  This looks as if it may become a necessity, with the ice caps melting and sea levels rising.

We have already started to experiment with sea crops.  Apparently, this will develop into something much bigger.

We will be taking over the seas, living on/in them, feeding ourselves with food grown in/on them, and we will be perfectly at home everywhere on/in water.

Thirty-third prophecy tomorrow.