When the Year Thousand that comes after Year Thousand begins

Illnesses from the water from the sky and from the earth

Will attack man and endanger him

He will want to revive that which he has destroyed

And protect that which remains

He will be afraid of the days to come.


But it will be very late

The desert will swallow up the land

And water will be deeper and deeper

It will flow some days

Taking everything like a flood

And the next day there won’t be enough for the land

And the air will eat away the bodies of the weakest.


John is speaking of pollution in this prophecy.  The Earth is a living cell.  We are poisoning it as well as ourselves.

We now realize what we are doing and want to fix it, but we have left it very late.  Multiple species who shared the planet with us have been wiped out.  Others are disappearing every day in spite of the efforts of some of us to save them.

Most of us are doing nothing to fix the problem and are even continuing to add to it.  The recent Copenhagen summit was a farce, with countries bickering over their individual interests instead of knuckling down to save what is left of our collective home.

We live on a space ship hurtling through space.  This ship is alive and can adapt and re-balance itself when we damage it, but only up to a point.  Our own bodies do the same thing, also only up to a point.  When the disease is too strong, our defence system breaks down.  First we become ill, sometimes we die.  Man has become the Earth’s disease instead of being its caretaker.

We need to find a system that punishes polluters and rewards those who care for the Earth.  The Earth is our home.  We are letting it fall apart.  Once it is destroyed, we shall be homeless.

Travelling to other planets to destroy them too is not a solution.  We should employ the money spent on space exploration to fix our spaceship, before it disintegrates around our ears.

Twenty-second prophecy tomorrow.