When the Year Thousand that comes after Year Thousand begins

Men will want to break down all barriers

The mother will have the hair of an old woman

The path of nature will be abandoned

And families will be like scattered grains

That nothing can unite.


It will therefore be another world

Each person will roam without ties like a bolted horse

Going in all directions with no guide

Unhappy the knight who mounts this steed

He will be without stirrups and will fall into the ditch.


The first part of this prophecy speaks again of our meddling with Nature.  Man is breaking down all barriers, both physical and moral, in the name of “right”.

The “right to have a child” is used as an excuse for the manufacture of children, by whatever means, including artificial insemination, surrogate mothers, gifts of ovules, re-implantation of frozen embryos, gifts of sperm, cloning…  We have all heard of the Italian doctor whose speciality is helping menopausal women to become mothers.

There was a case in France a few years ago where a woman nearing sixty years old gave birth to a baby girl after American doctors had reimplanted an embryo conceived in a test tube from the sperm of her own brother and from donated ovules.  At the same time, this same brother was using the services of a surrogate mother who gave birth to the “twin” of his sister’s child.  All taboos and natural obstacles had been broken down (age, incest, etc.).

The disintegration of families and the acceleration of time have created a gap between generations which is growing bigger and bigger.  Parents and children still see each other but evolve in completely different universes of comportment, language, understanding of life and of society.

Even when families remain together, each individual leads a separate life.  Most mothers work outside the family and parents no longer have time to be with their children.  They often feel guilty about this and compensate by even more leniency.

This leads to bigger and bigger gulfs between those who receive a real education and those who are left to themselves, in the hope that school will be able to fix the problem.  With no behavioural framework or set boundaries in their home life, these children often go on to reject all forms of discipline and turn into real delinquents.

Eighteenth prophecy tomorrow.