When the Year Thousand that comes after Year Thousand begins

Rulers with no religious beliefs will reign

They will issue orders to unsuspecting and passive crowds of people

They will hide their faces and keep their names secret

And their castles will be hidden in the forests.


But they will decide the fate of everything and of everyone

No-one will participate in the meetings of their order

Everyone will be a true serf and will believe himself to be a free man and a knight

The only ones to rise up will be those of the untamed cities

And of the heretic faiths

But first of all they will be defeated and burnt alive.


Economic power has largely overtaken political power in today’s world.  Our politicians are being manipulated by groups of people using them to further their own interests.  Morality in government has disappeared in reality, while still benefitting from a certain amount of lip-service.

All over the world, hidden, internationally connected interest groups are at work.  There are money-launderers, drug runners, organized crime, terrorists, big business…  No single government is capable of doing anything about it.

Countries can only act with international approval, which is difficult to obtain because there is rarely a common interest.  Each country is trying to preserve its own freedom of action.

The ironic outcome of all this is that the only people trying to do anything about it are the “uncivilized” populations of our big cities, and those of “heretic” faiths.

But first of all they will be defeated and burnt alive.

Sixteenth prophecy tomorrow.