When the Year Thousand that comes after Year Thousand begins

The opinions and the minds of men will be imprisoned

They will be intoxicated and will not know it

They will take images and reflections for the truth of the world

They will be treated like sheep.


Then the flesh-eaters will come

Rapacious people will herd them

The better to lead them to the cliff’s edge

And turn them against each other

They will be skinned for their wool and their leather

And man if he survives will be stripped of his soul.


This prophecy speaks about the manipulation of the mind by political and religious leaders.  The moulding of public opinion through speeches and images is practised everywhere on a daily basis.  Advertising techniques are widely accepted in all domains.

Now that morality and education have broken down, people are at the mercy of all sorts of outside pressures.  They are easily roused to violence against each other, instead of working together toward goals of common interest.

Globalisation of everything is creating a uniform world culture, along with a world-wide economy.  Men are becoming puppets with automatic responses to the jerk of the strings.  They are losing their ability to think for themselves, and are sinking into spiritual oblivion.

Fifteenth prophecy tomorrow.