When the Year Thousand that comes after Year Thousand begins

The child too will be sold

Some people will use him like a quintain

To get sexual pleasure from his new skin

Others will treat him like a servile animal.


They will forget the sacred weakness of the child

And his mystery

He will be a foal to be trained

Like a lamb to be bled, to be slaughtered

And man will be nothing more than savage cruelty.


It is obvious that this prophecy speaks of paedophilia.

According to the Oxford dictionary, a quintain is “(1) a post set up as a mark in tilting” and “(2) the medieval military exercise of tilting at such a mark”.  Therefore, John is saying that men are hurting children to give themselves sexual pleasure, in addition to the actual rape itself.

The word “mystery” in the second part of the prophecy probably refers to the sense given in the Oxford dictionary as “(8 a) a religious truth divinely revealed, esp. one beyond human reason”, particularly as John refers to the “sacred weakness of the child”.

People not fully equipped to survive alone in the world used to be considered sacred, and it was everyone’s duty to help and protect them.  This includes mentally and/or physically disabled people as well as the sick and/or elderly.  Children were especially sacred.  This is why John speaks so often of the way that we treat children today.  His tone is often one of shocked disbelief and outrage.

Fourteenth prophecy tomorrow.