When the Year Thousand that comes after Year Thousand begins

Man will have changed the face of the earth

He will think himself the master and Ruler

Of the forests and the flocks

He will have burrowed into the ground and the sky

And left his mark in the rivers and the seas.


But the earth will be naked and sterile

The Air will become burning hot and the water will stink

Life will wilt because man will use up the richness of the world

And man will be alone like a wolf in hatred of himself.


This prophecy is so clear that there is very little left for me to say.

We have changed “the face of the earth” so much that we have had a disastrous effect on its climate.  In Australia alone, we have wiped out at least 50% of our animal species in the 222 years since Europeans first moved here.  Others are still in danger.  Our loss of native flora is probably around the same proportion.  The Great Barrier Reef is in danger of dying because of rising water temperatures.

Melting icecaps are raising sea levels and flooding other island nations.

The Earth, we seem to forget, is a living cell.  It is doing its best to try to re-balance itself but, due to our rapid population increase over the last century, our thoughtless environmental meddling has become even heavier for it to bear.  We are like a disease taking over a living cell and slowly killing it.

Thirteenth prophecy tomorrow.