When the Year Thousand that comes after Year Thousand begins

Man will make mechandise of everything

Everything will have its price

Trees, water and animals

Nothing more will be given and everything will be sold.


But then Man will be no more than his weight of flesh

His body will be bartered like a side of meat

They will take his eye and his heart

Nothing will be sacred, neither his life nor his soul

They will compete for his dead body and his blood

Like a dead animal to be cut up.


This prophecy is very clear.  A price has been put on everything, including those things which, in the past, were freely available to everyone, rich or poor.

Where there is still free-flowing fresh water, governments are damming it or re-directing it, so that they can sell it.  People who relied on it now have to pay for it.

Trees are seen only as merchandise.  They are no longer respected for their role in the ecological harmony of the planet, in spite of warnings from experts.  If money can’t be made from them, they have no value.  The same can be said of animals.

The logical result of this is that Man’s body parts are now being seen as a source of profit in some countries, where people are even kidnapped and killed to provide organs for those willing to pay for them.  Once again, scientific advances are being misused just to make money.

Twelfth prophecy tomorrow.