When the Year Thousand that comes after Year Thousand begins

Everyone will know what is happening everywhere on Earth

They will see the child whose bones are piercing his skin

And the one whose eyes are covered in flies

And the one being hunted like a rat.


But the man who sees will turn away his head

For he will be thinking only of himself

That man will give a handful of seeds in charity

When he sleeps on full sacks

And what he gives with one hand he will take back with the other.


In today’s world, everything is filmed in glorious colour and shown almost instantly, if not in “direct”, on television and on the Internet.  Modern methods of communication allow us to see things we would rather not know.  John gives a vivid description of some of them.

In this day and age when no-one feels really safe and confident about the future, Man thinks first of his own safety and that of his family.  His country comes in second, but his conscience and compassion for others rarely go beyond that.

The rich countries give help to poor countries, but very little in comparison with their own riches.

And what he gives with one hand he will take back with the other.

With this tenth prophecy, we are now one-third of the way through John of Jerusalem’s description of life today, nearly one thousand years after he wrote it.  Tomorrow we shall start on the next twenty prophecies on this theme, before revealing his optimistic ten prophecies describing life as he saw it later on in this millenium.