When the Year Thousand that comes after Year Thousand begins

Men will judge each other according to their Race and their Religion

Nobody will listen to the suffering hearts of the children

They will be taken from their nests like baby birds

And no-one will be able to protect them from the rapid hand

By the gauntlet.


Hate will flood the lands which thought themselves pacified

And nobody will be spared, neither the elderly nor the wounded

Houses will be destroyed or stolen

People will take the place of others

Each one will close his eyes so as not to see the women raped.


The unspoken aim of today’s wars is the complete eradication of the enemy.  This enemy is of course of a different race and/or religion.

The weaker of the antagonists is destined to be wiped out.  This means getting rid of the children.

Our modern warfare causes the exodus of entire populations who often end up in refugee camps while their former neighbours move into or pillage their homes.

Civil wars have always been the most barbarous.  They still are.

Those nations which have the power to stop these wars are often the same ones that started them.  Even when they haven’t started them, they stand aside issuing “protests” which speak of “democracy” and “human rights” to people for whom these words are just some sort of abstract idea.

It is a way of watching the horror unfold, without really doing anything to try to stop it.  “Each one will close his eyes so as not to see the women raped”.

Tenth prophecy tomorrow.