When the Year Thousand that comes after Year Thousand begins

The noise of killing will roll like a storm upon the earth

There will be barbarians among the soldiers of the last legions

People of different faiths will live in the heart of the Holy Cities

Each in turn will be barbarous, faithless and lawless.


There will be no more law and order

Hate will spread like a flame in the dry forest

Barbarians will massacre soldiers

Those of no faith will slit the throats of the faithful

Brutality will be everywhere and the cities will die.


There is killing everywhere, in many countries.  There is also killing in our cities and on our roads.

We have seen what the “barbarians among the soldiers of the last legions” have done in the way of torture and massacre, all of it in the name of “democracy”.

The Holy Cities are home to people of different religions who, according to the teachings of each of their religions, should be living side by side in peace.

Law and order certainly seems to have disappeared from a lot of cities, even from whole countries.

Some religious extremists have even turned on those of their own faith who disapprove of their actions and have tried to point out to them that their religion preaches love, tolerance and good deeds.

Ninth prophecy tomorrow.