When the Year Thousand that comes after Year Thousand begins

Each person will seek as much sexual pleasure as he can

The man will repudiate his wife as many times as he marries

And the woman will go from place to place taking whomever pleases her

Giving birth without giving the Father’s name


But no educator will guide the child

And each one among the others will be alone

Tradition will be lost

The Law will be forgotten

As if the Annunciation had never been made and man

Will become wild again


This prophecy seems very clear.  Divorce rates are high.  Sexual permissiveness is rife.  Many children bear their mother’s name.  The name of the father isn’t mentioned on their birth certificates.

A lot of children are no longer raised in a family, which is the place where the principles of life in society are taught.  They are left to do whatever they like by parents who are either afraid to try to control their behaviour, or do not have the time to be with them.

Many of these children become delinquents at a very early age.  They roam the streets, breaking the law, without any problem of conscience, because no sense of the law has been taught to them.

Schools no longer bring any sort of correction to parental laxism.

Therefore, when these children become adults, having learned no constraint or morality (in the name of respect for individual liberties) the society in which they live returns inevitably to a barbaric state.

Sixth prophecy tomorrow.