When the Year Thousand that comes after Year Thousand begins

Towers of Babel will rise in all corners of the Earth

That one will be Rome and this one will be Byzance

The fields will be empty

The only law will be that of oneself and one’s clan


But the Barbarians will be in the city

There will not be enough bread for everyone

And games will no longer be sufficient

Then people with no future

Will light great fires.


In Biblical times, the Tower of Babel was a symbol of Man wanting to equal God.  The story goes that men, who all spoke the same language at the time, began to build the Tower up to Heaven.  God, by making them all speak different languages, made their co-operation with each other to build the Tower, impossible.  The Tower was abandoned.  This symbolises the end of mutual co-operation among men.

The Christian era saw the beginning of Rome’s decline, after centuries of prosperity.  After a series of bad decisions by its leaders, Rome eventually fell into the hands of Alaric, King of the Visigoths.  The Roman emperors survived for another few centuries in Byzance, now Istanbul, where they finished up being wiped out by the Ottomans.

The fields will be empty

The only law will be that of oneself and one’s clan

Population evolution remained fairly stable until the end of the Nineteenth Century.  Wars, illness and infant mortality kept the population in check.  Hygiene and medical progress then multiplied the Earth’s population by six in only one century.  Urbanisation exploded, and slums expanded all around the big cities of the Third World.

The so-called “civilized” part of the world built even bigger, more concentrated cities, as a form of defence.  Buildings rose higher and higher, in a display of technological strength.  They have become symbolic towers, housing whole populations of people incapable of communicating with each other.  Our Romes and Byzances will be destroyed.

In the meantime, these great megalopolises continue to attract even more people, emptying the fields, and filling our cities with crime and terror.  More and more homeless people wander our streets and parks.  Our cities often have “no-go” zones where lawlessness prevails.  Today, international terrorism has been added to the mix.

But the Barbarians will be in the city…

On 11 September 2001, the twin towers of the World Trade Center in New York fell to an attack, prepared over a period of several years.  These symbols of American economic strength were big enough to house more than five thousand people, or the equivalent of the population of an average-sized town.  Other forms of terrorism, such as bacteriological and chemical weapons, derived from the misuse of scientific research, are beginning to see the light.

Young children, enrolled in special militia groups, conditioned to be fanatic warriors by daily indoctrination, are raised to hate other human groups, and to glorify murder which, they are taught, will open the doors of Paradise to them.  Basically uneducated, isolated from the rest of the world, given soft or medium-hard drugs from childhood, they become docile, obedient soldiers, because death is their greatest reward.

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