John of Jerusalem was born not long after the year 1000 AD.

Historians think that his parents may have been pilgrims on the road to Saint James of Compostella in Spain.  These pilgrims came mostly from Germany, France and Italy and travelled for months, or even years.

John was probably born during one of these pilgrimages and, as often happened in those days, was given to the Benedictine monks at Vezelay on the return journey.

The monks describe him as “child of the Monastery, son of Burgundy, soldier of Christ in the Holy Land”, where he lived for about twenty years, participating in the conquest of Jerusalem, and writing his prophecies.  The manuscript mentions that “he often retired to the desert to meditate, where the sky and the earth meet”.

John of Jerusalem was also a healer and an astrologist, both of which helped him to develop his gift of prophecy.  He wrote in the margin of his manuscript:  “the book of Prophecies is a secret protocol”.

He was one of the founders of the Order of the Temple, and died around 1120, at the age of 77.

I have translated his prophecies from the original French.  There may be some who would question my translation.  I would be happy to hear from them.  The original language is not coded and, apart from John’s difficulty in describing modern things (of which he does a pretty good job) is very easy to understand.

There are forty prophecies.  Numbers one to thirty all begin with “When the Year Thousand that comes after Year Thousand begins…” and describe today’s world with frightening accuracy.  Numbers thirty-one to forty all begin with “In the heart of the Year Thousand that comes after Year Thousand…”.

The period of reference can be considered as being from 1st January 2000 to 2999.  Other prophets, Saint John, Saint Remy, Saint Malachie, Nostradamus… refer to a new Golden Age which is to begin somewhere around 2020 to 2050.

I would love to go directly to the prophecies for this Golden Age but, for the sake of the credibility of John of Jerusalem, I think that I should start from the beginning.  Once we see, and recognise, the picture which he paints of us as we are now, we should be more inclined to believe his optimism about our future.



When the Year Thousand that comes after Year Thousand begins

Gold will be in the Blood.

Whoever looks at the sky will calculate how to profit from it

Whoever enters the Temple will meet merchants

The Rulers will be money-changers and usurers

The Sword will defend the Serpent.


But fire will be smouldering

Each town will be Sodom and Gomorrah

And the children of the children

Will become the fiery swarm

They will raise up the old banners.


John of Jerusalem is certainly right about our obsession with money.

He is also right about our political leaders who, for the most part, have sold out to big business, or are putting their personal interests above the interests of the planet.

The sword of justice appears more and more to be defending the powerful rather than the weak.

Lawlessness has invaded our cities.  Our children and grandchildren will have to take things into their own hands to restore order and morality.

Happy New Year to all.

Prophecy number two tomorrow.