According to ACT Health Minister, Katy Gallagher MLA, 90% of Australians support organ donation, but only 50% of families give their permission when it comes to the crunch.

“Many Australians are not aware that, even if they are registered as an organ donor, their family will be asked to give permission for organ donation to proceed.  That is why it is so important to discuss your wishes with your family,” she said.

Gift of Life President, Anne Cahill Lambert AM, reported eight multi-organ donors (hearts, liver, kidneys, etc.) in the ACT this year, and more than sixty tissue donors (corneas, skin, heart-valves, etc.).

“Even skin is important, especially during the bushfire season when, sadly, a number of Australians require skin grafts,” she said.

The ACT has significantly increased its corneal tissue donations, with fifty-six so far this year.  It is also working with the Australian Organ and Tissue Donation Authority and is moving toward implementing the National Reform Package.

The ACT Organ and Tissue Donation Service has been re-named DonateLife ACT.

Dr Imogen Mitchell has been appointed Territory Medical Director for Organ and Tissue Donation, and Dr Craig Hollis has been appointed Deputy Director.

ACT Health is now recruiting for a range of positions, including a DonateLife Manager, a Nurse Educator, a Communications and Administrative Officer, and an additional Organ Donor Co-ordinator.

If you are not already registered as a donor, discover the facts about it on  Then you can make your decision and discuss it with your family.

Mine already knows about my own registration and, if they refuse the donation of my organs and tissues when the time comes, I promise to come back to haunt them.