Walking the Dogs

They're a bit of a handfull!

In the Community News section of The Chronicle, The Canberra Times’ estimable free weekly newspaper, an article by Meredith Clisty caught my attention.  Its title was Keep puppy love under control.  That sounded soft and cuddly and, doubtless in need of a bit of soft and cuddly at the time, I plunged in to find out what it was all about.

The article started off with “It is the season of love for Canberra’s canine community…”.  So far so good.  Soft and cuddly all the way.  I was a bit intrigued by Ms Clisty’s reporting that “Domestic Animal Services (DAS) is urging pet owners to be responsible and remove the temptation – literally”.  What could that mean?

“DAS Registrar Scott Horan said that, unless people were legitimately breeding their dogs, it was a legal requirement to have them desexed”.  Soft and cuddly went straight out the window.

Things got even worse with the gentleman assuring the journalist that “They get benefits from it.  The dog has a much better temperament.  The dog is less likely to go stray.  The dog is less likely to affect other people’s animals, and you also find that their aggression levels are much lower as well.”  Really?  Sounds like a lot of benefits indeed.  All of them for humans.  What are the dog’s?

Mr Horan advised that “Spring was the time of year when dogs would be on the prowl.  That’s the time when a lot of animals start to become more sexually active in their breeding cycles.”  Quite right.  Including the human animal.

According to the article, the gentleman seemed to think that dogs, if sexually entire, would roam the streets during the day, in the absence of their owners, looking for sexual opportunities, out of boredom.  He might be right.  I’ve known a fair few human animals that did the same thing.

Mr Horan then went on to say “if pet owners were responsible and got their dogs microchipped, registered and desexed, the community would have fewer problems with stray dogs.”  Mmm…

He said that he found that the majority of dog attacks “and I’d say a high majority of dog attacks, have involved sexually entire dogs – without fail”.

Sexually entire human animals are probably responsible for an even higher majority of attacks.  Perhaps if we got them all “microchipped, registered and desexed, the community would have fewer problems”.  Food for thought.  Food for thought.